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Odell Footprint RegionAle review

Odell Footprint RegionAleOdell Brewing has been known to make some unique tasting beers and when they went to brew up Odell Footprint RegionAle, they knew it would contain a blend of ingredients that very few breweries would ever duplicate.

Each state that Odell distributes to ended up contributing one or more ingredients for this American Strong Ale. The ingredients include: Colorado - Hops & Barley, Arizona - Prickly Pear, Idaho - Barley & Hops, Kansas - Wheat, Minnesota - Wild Rice, Missouri - Oak Barrels, Nebraska - Corn, New Mexico – Green Chilis, South Dakota – Barley & Honey, and Wyoming - Wheat.

Footprint may not fit exactly into an exact style category due to the variety of its ingredients. The beer weighed in at 9.5% ABV and it powerful enough to want to share it with a few friends.

Appearance: The wire-cage cork opened with a loud pop on this 750ml bottle and I could tell this beer had been bottle conditioned. Footprint RegionAle poured a cloudy gold color with a huge (nearly) explosive head. The bubbles erupted so much that the head overflowed the glass during a moderate pour. The head was nearly white and was very abundant. Due to the cloudiness, I could not see clearly through the narrow glass. There didn't seem to be any sediment in the glass however.

Aroma: If ever there was an important factor for me in totally enjoying a beer, it would be the aroma. And unfortunately for me, this beer had a very odd smell to it. I believe I've had this similar experience before with another beer and that to me was a partial turn-off. It's hard for me to explain what it was that I smelled in this beer, but whenever I swirled this beer in the glass I got an aroma that reminded me of a vegetable-like spice. Perhaps it was the Green Chilis that were blended into the beer. If I didn't swirl the beer, I got a fruit-like aroma mixed in with the sweet malts in the brew. But when I swirled it, I got something that I didn't like at all, something that didn't seem fresh.

Taste: So despite the aroma, I tried to look at what I got on the tongue. The beer was semi-sweet in the malt and had nearly a Saison-like taste to it. I could pick up on the barrel component just slightly. I really couldn't pick out the wheat as much, but the honey in the brew was present on the back side. It was a very different tasting brew than I was used to. It took me about 10oz of the sample to get used to it. I think part of the sweetness in the brew was the direct result of the prickly pear. I've had a prickly pair brew before and I believe I could sense that flavor in this beer.

For having wheat in the brew, it didn't remind me of a wheat beer at all. Perhaps it was the mix of corn, green chili and honey that seemed an odd combination. I must say, Odell Brewing certainly came up with a beer that I've never tasted anything like before. It was baffling to me and I struggled a bit to understand it. I really wanted to find something really outstanding in this beer, but alas, I found that I had a hard time finishing more than a 10oz glass of it.

Overall: Granted, there have been very few beers that I don't like. I wonder if this is because I've never had anything like this before that I'm having a hard time with it. The beer is relatively strong in alcohol, as I could feel it warming me up rather quickly. I did like the sense of sweetness in this beer, but I found I didn't want to swirl this beer as it brought out some rather unpleasant aromas for me.

This beer I'm afraid I'm going to give a Yellow warning flag on and simply say try it for yourself to see if you like it. It's wasn't one of my favorites from Odell and I'd probably not buy it again. It's interesting to read the reviews on Ratebeer and BeerAdvocate on this as many people have been raving about this beer. Perhaps this just isn't my cup of tea so to speak. Interesting beer - I'll say that, but not something that I'd want to drink more than one of.

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this beer.

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