Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes at Bristol Brewing

Bristol Brewing Company
Some changes are brewing down in Colorado Springs over at Bristol Brewing. The following is a release dated April 25th, 2012 from Bristol Brewing Company.


Dear Friends,

It is with both nostalgia for the past and excitement for the future that we, the Bristol Beerocrat and the entire Bristol family, announce two big staff changes.

First, as you may have already read in this morning's Colorado Springs Independent, the Beerocrat is leaving the brewery after six fun, wonderful years to run GIVE!, the Indy's year-end marketing and philanthropy campaign that works to generate excitement, exposure, new friends and new dollars for some of the amazing nonprofit organizations serving our fair city. It's an exciting opportunity that was impossible to pass up. But since Bristol is much more like a family than a job, rest assured that the Beerocrat will still be around -- helping with projects, attending the parties and providing pro bono "quality control" help.

UPSIDE: Since she won't be running around working the Bristol events, the Beerocrat will have a lot more time to sit pontificating with you (still and always our favorite regular) about such heady topics as how beer was the catalyst for human civilization or how beer is responsible for the invention of written language (both are true, by the way). Please join us on the Beerocrat's last day, Friday, May 11th, at 5:00pm for a happy hour celebration and send off.

Second, we're just about giddy with delight to present the newest member of our family. Our new GM graduated from Penn State and has lived in Colorado Springs for the last 25 years. He brings extensive experience in sales, sales management, staff development and strategic business planning. His beer chops are equally impressive: he has visited more than 400 breweries in the US and Europe and in his first 48 hours as a full-time Bristol employee managed to teach the Beerocrat two new things about beer. (And here we thought we knew it all.) He's been a fan of Bristol and a regular since his first visit to the Forge Road location in 1994. Have you figured it out yet? He's Tom Zurenko, whose smiling face you recognize from both behind and in front of the bar.

DOWNSIDE: Since he'll now be running our monthly all-hands meeting, you'll no longer have the pleasure of him pouring your pint every second Tuesday evening.

Don't forget tomorrow (April 26th) is the release of our Cheyenne Cañon Ale, a piñon nut brown benefiting the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon. Fun activities and this year's delicious batch start pouring at 5:00pm. Hike. Bike. Drink. Repeat as necessary.


The Bristol Beerocrat

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