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Crabtree Brewing hints at big plans for 2012

Crabtree Brewing CompanyCrabtree Brewing is celebrating 6 years of business! On May 5th, Crabtree Brewing officially turned 6 years old. Due to other events going on they are moving their anniversary celebration to this coming weekend (May 12th). But that's not the big news that came out over the weekend.

Introducing the Crabtree 462 Beer Club

First, Crabtree is starting up their 462 Beer Club. It's a free club and members get to be the first ones to be notified of new releases and get the option to reserve bottles of their special releases at the release parties. Each month they will be releasing a new specialty beer. This month's release is their Woody B Barleywine, a one-time only brew aged a year in Pinot wine barrels and hopped with Jeff Crabtree's own homegrown hops. Expect that on May 12th at 4pm (Jeff Crabtree's birthday).

To sign up for the club, send an email to: stephanie [at] along with the subject "462 Beer Club sign up". Please include the following info (to be kept private) in the email - First & Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and your mailing address.

The name 462 came from the number that was printed on the very first barrel that they used to brew up a special batch of 462 Stout two summers ago and debuted it at a party at the Kress Theater in Greeley.

Crabtree beer is heading to Japan

Crabtree Brewing is turning Japanese! (I really think so) - Late last week, Jeff Crabtree lined up a deal that will allow the brewery to distribute kegs and cans of their Serenity Amber in Japan. The Japanese market is actively seeking out American craft beers and Crabtree was asked to become a supplier.

The Crabtree warehouse is now full of brand new kegs waiting to be filled for this venture and is already lining up shipping details on the west coast for this. Jeff Crabtree also is looking to put Serenity in cans and have one side printed in English and the other side printed in Japanese with a colorful anime character on the label. Stay tuned for more on that story.

The Tasting Room is moving!

The biggest news out of Crabtree is something yet to come later this year. What I can tell you is that starting this summer (possibly late July), their tasting room is moving to a bigger and more central location in Greeley. The brewhouse will then expand and take over the room freed up. What's coming later down the road for Crabtree will be revealed in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned for major news. (You can try to pry it out of me but they'd have to kill me if I told you).

Medal win at the World Beer Cup

The Crabtrees are celebrating a silver medal at the 2012 World Beer Cup last weekend for their upcoming Ménage a Trois - a honey beer (braggot) that already won another medal at the Mazer Cup earlier this year. This beer competed against 22 other entries in the Specialty Honey Beer category and won in it's first attempt. This beer isn't even released yet. Look for this beer to come out in bottles in early summer.

Crabtree contracting for the Trinidad Triggers baseball team

Trigger Blonde AleEarlier last week, news came out that Crabtree Brewing would be the contractor for a beer named Trigger Blonde Ale. This beer, essentially their Head Turner Blonde Ale, will have a separate 16oz can package and sold exclusively through a liquor store in Trinidad, Colorado. The beer will help raise money for the Trinidad Trigger baseball team's travel expenses. Fermentedly Challenged got an empty can with the new logo. You'll have to go down to Trinidad to get a filled can of this beer, but you can always try a Head Turner Blonde Ale in the tasting room to sample this beer. The Trinidad Triggers are going to try to alter their beverage license at their facility so that they can eventually sell this beer at their ballpark as well.

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