Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black Shirt Brewing to feature Offero glassware

Black Shirt Brewing Offero Omnis GlassA couple of months ago, Fermentedly Challenged was approached by a glassware designer to review a brand new type of glass that could be used for both beer and wine. This Colorado company, Offero Vessels, had taken their idea for a special coffee mug and expanded it into an idea for beer and wine drinking. The result was the Offero Omnis glass. This glassware comes in both stemmed and stemless versions and holds a full 12 ounce sampling.

One of the new breweries coming to Denver - Black Shirt Brewing Company - is planning to embrace this new glassware and feature it as part of their Red Ale Project. They spoke regularly with Offero Vessels owner Mitch Bangert to make their decision to use a new beer glass that they feel would revolutionize the way craft beer will be consumed from this point forward.

In a statement released today from Carissa Miller, CFO of Black Shirt Brewing Company, she told Fermentedly Challenged about their plans for this glass:

"We were looking for a distortion pedal for our beer; something that coaxed all of the incredible layers of aroma and flavor out of the glass - a sort of olfactory overload! As brewers, we work endlessly to create beers of complexity, intrigue, depth, and distinction and we were looking for something that shined a light on all of this.

At first we attempted to design our own glass, but taking the glass from design to production was a bit much for us - and then we met Mitch Bangert. He was in the process of adapting his award-winning coffee cup design to a beer glass, and after a few conversations about the ability of aroma to drive flavor, a beautiful partnership was formed. After much brainstorming and testing/tasting we are proud that we helped create a glass that draws nuances and flavors out of our Red Ales that have never been sensed or experienced before. The Omnis glass by Offero truly allows our craft to be heard like it should be - with the volume up high!"

Look for this unique glassware to be featured almost exclusively when the brewery opens later this summer. They also have something "special" in the works that would be served in a different format although still a creation from Offero.

Once open, they will be showcasing four versions of their Red Ale for the Red Ale Project.

For more information on this glassware, contact Black Shirt Brewing Company at info [at]

Black Shirt Brewing Company
3719 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

(Image courtesy Black Shirt Brewing Company)

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