Monday, June 18, 2012

Crooked Stave ready to sign lease on Denver location

Crooked Stave
It's almost a done deal. Crooked Stave sent out a newsletter today stating that they plan to sign a lease this week for their Denver "Barrel Cellar" and bottling warehouse. They will send out an update with the final location once all the details are finalized.

Once the deal is done they will be able to have 100% of their equipment located in Denver and will start bottling more often. For now, they plan on brewing all their future beers in Denver so there should be more Crooked Stave beers coming up in the next couple of months.

They plan to get a bottle shop set up quickly and all of their future beer releases will be held at the "Barrel Cellar". Cellar Reserve members will be able to pick up all of their allotments and merchandise at the shop.

Crooked Stave just got off completing their second in their Cellar Reserve Member releases last weekend. The date of their next release is coming up very soon in July.

The next Cellar Reserve release is Batch #1, and is already in bottles, and bottle conditioning. This is the very first batch Chad Yakobson brewed for Crooked Stave and to make it true to Crooked Stave style it was brewed straight into freshly emptied red wine barrels. The beer was inoculated with 3 different strains of Brettanomyces and aged in the red wine barrels for 15 months. Yakobson then blended the barrels together and added raspberries to give a great fresh fruit character on top of the oak tannins and Brettanomyces characteristics. The raspberries also add a nice tart acidity as this beer as it was not soured previously to adding fruit. He put bottles of Batch #1 up on the store website for any members wanting to purchase additional bottles.

Their next beer which is being released throughout their normal Colorado front range distribution foot print is Surette Reserva. Surette Reserva is not the Chardonnay barrel aged version which is still aging and part of this years Cellar Reserve membership. This is a whole new batch which they soured in their foeder for a few months till it was ready to release. This batch has picked up a great lemony acidity with the Brettanomyces just starting to come on. They have also put bottles of this beer up on the store website for all Cellar Reserve members to get first shot at bottles and with your discounted price.

The release date for Batch #1 and initial pickup for Surette Reserva is still being decided on and should be in the next couple of weeks once they are all set up in Denver. Crooked Stave will send out a newsletter with more information soon to all members.

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