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Falling Rock Tap House 15th anniversay events

Falling Rock Tap HouseFalling Rock Tap House is turning 15 and they've come up with an excellent list of events to celebrate that will span 10 days. Best of all, you're all invited. Here is the official word from Chris Black, owner of Falling Rock about what they have planned. Falling Rock Tap House is located at 1919 Blake Street in Denver, CO.

Falling Rock 15th Anniversary Schedule

Howdy Folks,
Things have been really busy around here, even though the Rockies aren't doing so hot this year. Here's the schedule for the upcoming Anniversary celebration, a couple of dates are open, but will be filled in by tomorrow :

Friday June 15th 5:30pm Kick-off Party w/ Odell Brewing. Chris Brewed a Special Anniversary Beer w/ Doug Odell called South Pacific Pale Ale. The Beer is a 5.3% Extra Pale Ale. It is made from 100% Pils Malt w/ Hops from New Zealand & Australia, Primary Bittering Hop was Nelson Sauvin (approximately 40 IBU), with the rest of the substantial hop additions starting the end of the boil for an incredible Hop Aroma. We bought 10 kegs of this beer so that we could enjoy it for at least a few days…

Saturday June 16th. 5:30pm Port Brewing Anniversary Ale. We got our friends out in San Diego to send us some of their Anniversary Ale so that we could celebrate our Anniversary. This Massively Hopped ‘Triple’ IPA clocks in at a bit over 11% & is perfect for the hop heads out there plus you will still be able to taste it if you are coming to the Falling Rock after attending Great Divide’s Anniversary Party.

Sunday June 17th. 3 pm Getting Stone With Dad. We’ve got a nice little assortment of Stone Goodness to pull out. Some classic favorites and something different out of the cellar. Little Kiddos with their Dads get free root beer!!

Monday June 18th. 5:30pm Russian River. We’ll be tapping kegs of Supplication & Consecration for those of you interested in something on the Sour side.

Tuesday June 19th 5:30pm Pike’s Peak Brewing. Chris brewed a batch of Belgian IPA with the owner of Pike’s Peak Brewing, Chris Wright (almost perfect, Chris Black/Chris Wright) 7% abv & tasty. Pike’s Peak Brewing is in Monument & is about to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, Check them out.
6:00pm 15th Annual Falling Rock BBQ. We'll have close to 200 pounds of complementary Beef Brisket BBQ prepared by our own 'Fush' served downstairs starting at 6pm. It'll be there until it's gone (last few years, just under an hour)

Wednesday June 20th, 5:30pm Dry Dock Brewing, the guys who saved our butts 5 years ago when our opening night was dry (ha ha) will have a couple tasty treats on tap for us to drink.

Thursday June 21st 5:30pm Avery Brewing. Pulling a couple kegs out of the vintage cellar for this one Like a 2009 Beast Grand Cru & a 2007 Czar.

Friday June 22nd 5:30pm Bull & Bush Legend of the Liquid Brain Anniversary Edition Steve has had a 2gallon Cask from the original Pre-release of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey sitting in the Bull & Bush Cellar filled w/ Liquid Brain for the past 6 yrs. Chris and the Bull & Bush Team, Gabe Jeff & Erik, blended that cask with batches of Liquid Brain that were 7yrs old (aged in Burgundy wine Barrels), a 2 yr old fermented with a different yeast strain & aged in a Buffalo Trace barrel, and a ‘Double Barrel’ batch aged 1 yr in a Pappy van Winkle Barrel & 1 Yr in a Buffalo Trace Barrel. The original plan was to have the years add up to 15, but we got carried away and it came out to 17, oh well.

Saturday June 23rd, 3pm New Belgium ‘LOVE’. Chris went up to Ft. Collins & tasted a few Foeters (large wood casks) of sour beer & picked Foeter #2 (consistently one of the best single foeters in their stable) for this year’s batch of ‘LOVE’ Come & Get It!

Sunday June 24th 5:30pm Dogfish Head Treats. We’ll be hooking up a few different kegs of Dogfish Head beer like Hellhound On My Ale, Bitches Brew & just to top it off, how about some 120 Minute IPA

Talk at you tomorrow,

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