Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greeley unveils downtown open container policy this weekend

Greeley Blues JamThe change has been in the works for months, and this weekend the city of Greeley, Colorado will test their new open container liquor policy during the Greeley Blues Jam weekend.

Back in March, the city of Greeley voted to allow open containers of alcohol on the 9th Street Plaza in their downtown area. This action followed the passing of legislation last year in Colorado that allows for the creation of open container entertainment districts. Greeley plans to allow open containers only on Friday evenings during the summer months between the hours of 5pm to midnight.

Greeley chose to adopt this legislation to create a drawing card for their downtown area. People of legal drinking age will be able to roam designated areas in downtown Greeley with open containers of alcohol that were purchased from specific businesses that applied and were approved for an outdoor liquor license. These businesses will have established an authorized drinking area and offer containers that are clearly marked with the vendor's name. People caught with open containers that don't have an authorized vendor's name on it will have their drinks confiscated by police or worse.

This weekend is the first pilot for the new program. Local law enforcement will be closely watching how the public reacts to using alcohol outside in open areas. People will still need to avoid being publicly intoxicated and disturbing the peace.

This weekend's activities with lots of people coming into town for the Greeley Blues Jam will be the first big test of this new law. Downtown restaurants and bars will be allowing their drinks to roam slightly outside their building areas for the first time. Police will be watching closely, so it's best to bring along a designated driver with you if you plan to participate this weekend.

The designated drinking area will be limited to the 9th Street Plaza Downtown. Don't plan to stray outside of that area (should be clearly marked) with your drink.

For more information on the Friday night Blues Jam visit for a list of bands, venues and tickets.

(Image courtesy Greeley Blues Jam)

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