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Looking for a CO Brewery? Get a new map!

Beer Drinker's Guide To Colorado Map
New 6th Edition Colorado Beer Map Packed With More New Info and More Free Beer Than Ever!

[PRESS RELEASE] Colorado Springs, CO - June 4, 2012 - Breweries are springing up fast today, with over 2100 operating in the US - more than ever before. So many beers and so little time; it's hard to keep up. Where do you go to get good local beer?

We answer that question, and so many more, in our brand new 6th Edition Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado Map. It will delight and enthrall you as it helps you find your own little piece of Beer Heaven. From megabrewers to bucketbrewers, our beautiful, full-color map pint-points the hoppiest, happiest, and hippest hangouts on the Colorado Beer Scene. With 168 brewing operations to visit and explore, you'll never wander again without the wisdom of where to find your next beer.

It's completely revised, updated and brand new for 2012. Our 6th Edition is the best yet, full of detailed information on Colorado breweries, brewpubs, homebrew suppliers, historic watering holes, beer bars, beer styles, colors and tastes. Updates on State Parks, National Parks, Fourteeners, Ski Areas and a brand new topo-physical map on the front - all combine to make this fresh-of-the-press map our best ever. We're proud again to be certified as a Space Imagination Product by the Space Foundation, for our use of space technology in producing our map. Cool huh?

Did we mention the Free Beer? We include More Free Beer Than Ever - 44 coupons worth over $250 in Free Beer, Glassware and Great Bargains all around Colorado in the new Passport to Free Beer book that comes packaged with every map. It puts money back into your pocket and free beers into your hand.

And think about this for a second: if every coupon is fully redeemed, we will have saved Colorado Beer Drinkers $2.5 million dollars and we will have helped serve up over 330,000 beers. We will have driven 18 customers every day until 2014 into 44 different businesses, and made a whole lot of people happy. For crying out loud, it pays for itself 17 times over. How's that for value?

The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado 6th Edition Beer Map and Passport to Free Beer are available at over 180 quality retailers. SRP is $14.95. It's also available for purchase online at our web site, (or where you'll also find an interactive version of our map, events calendar, news updates, videos and a whole lot more about the Colorado brewing scene.

We've been tracking and locating Colorado brews since our first edition in 2008 featured 101 brewing operations. Today, our sixth edition shows 168 places where "here" means beer. BDG2C is publish by Motion Pixel Lab, Inc., a full-service media production company in Colorado Springs. For more information, please contact Mike Laur or Carol White by telephone at 719-636-3565, email us at, or visit us online. And don't forget to support your local brewers!


BDG2C Map BDC2C Coupon Book

Fermentedly Challenged's Review

I've been a user of this map for a few years now. I first came across this map at the Great American Beer Festival in 2009 when they had their 3rd Edition out. I've proudly hung this map on my wall for 3 years. Now today, I suddenly get a new one in the mail, courtesy (free) of Motion Pixel Lab, Inc. To my surprise and delight, this map has over 48 more listings including some listings for breweries that are not quite open yet. By the end of the summer, the vast majority of the listings will have been fully open. I even noticed that the map has the new address for Crabtree Brewing and that's not even open yet.

So given the fact that some of the businesses may not be open yet, please call ahead and check to make sure they are indeed open at that location given. They even had a few listings that I wasn't aware of, so thanks to them I'll be updating my listings a bit to include those.

What's really nice about the map is that it folds up into a nice portable document that you can keep in your glove box. I had previously gotten the one piece roll-up version of the map and I couldn't use it in my car. But this new one I can certainly take it with me.

One side of the map has the entire state of Colorado with all of the breweries, but the other side of the map has detailed listings, addresses, phone numbers, a close-up map of the Denver/Boulder metro area, a listing of popular beer geek beer bars and taverns, a list of all Colorado State Parks and 14'ers and a whole lot more. I was impressed on how much they could fit on one map.

Now the big thing I was excited about was indeed the Passport to Free Beer book that came with it. Wow, if I used up all of those coupons I'd be getting a lot of free beer and other discounts. More coupon books don't have so many FREE items in it as this does. The other nice thing about the coupons is that the vast majority of them are good until January 1st, 2014! That's a good year and a half to use them up. It'll take most people that long just to get around the state. Some of the coupons are for breweries that have yet to open - so when I go to their grand openings I'll get a free beer.

For the list price, this map is well worth it. It'll look good on your wall too. I've enjoyed mine for years. I'm glad to have an updated one. By this time next year, there may be as many as 40 more breweries opening in 2013. So having a map to all the breweries is going to be a must-have item.

Disclosure: Motion Pixel Lab sent me a free map in the mail unsolicited. I posted their press release out of courtesy and wrote my own review of their map.

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