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Marble Brewery IPA review

Marble Brewery IPAHere's another brew from the New Mexico brewery named Marble Brewery. This time it's an India Pale Ale called simply enough - Marble Brewery IPA. In the color coded beer scheme that Marble Brewing used, this beer is represented by a green marble with the inlaid image of hop cones on it.

This IPA was brewed with Columbus, Amarillo and Centennial hops that gives off a "fragrant citrus aroma and snappy hop character". This beer weighs in at 6.2% ABV and is available year-round as one of their flagship beers. Marble Brewing does not list the IBU rating. The Amarillo hops used here are primarily used as aroma hops and tend to give a flowery, spicy and citrus-like nose with a distinct orange bouquet (according to Wikipedia). The Centennial hops also build a big citrusy aroma.

Marble Brewing is fairly new to the Colorado beer scene and already it has gained a following. If this beer is as good as it's brother the Red Ale, this should be a worthy drink. Just how hoppy would it be?

Appearance: The Marble Brewing IPA poured a light golden color, almost like apple juice in appearance, but with a big billowy near-white head. I had to stop the pour a bit early due to the large head that grew in the glass. As the foam settled, it left a big sticky lacing around the entire top of the glass. The beer itself was just slightly cloudy (they don't filter their beers) and had adequate carbonation.

Aroma: This IPA didn't have the usual citrus and pine aroma, but rather had a more spicy tone over the top of the citrus. I could make out a bit or orange as the hop characteristic stated. The spice overtone was the first thing that hit my nostrils and made me say "Woah"! It had the smell of a solid IPA with a bit more bite to it and a shade of breadiness as well.

Taste: Marble's IPA gave a solid malt taste with a decent amount of bitterness on the back end. There seemed to be a sweetness that lingered after the swallow, almost like fruit. The beer was medium bodied, smooth and left a drying effect on the back of my mouth. This IPA also had a grassy character with a touch of caramel and spices. Quite the mix of flavor. It was not the hoppiest beer I've tried, but had more than enough to cover the underlying sweetness of the malts.

Overall: For an IPA, this beer was hoppy enough, but not nearly as hoppy as their Red Ale. It's a nice change of pace IPA that doesn't try to go over the top with IBUs. It's sweet, bitter, spicy and knows how to control itself. Definitely a worthy IPA, just don't expect it to slap you across the face with hops. I'm liking what I've seen so far with Marble Brewing. Perhaps someday I'll take a long road trip down I-25 cross the New Mexico border and seek out their tasting room for a fresh off the tap pull of this.

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this single 12oz beer as part of a build-your-own 6-pack from my local store.

Video showing the pour of a Marble Brewery IPA:

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