Friday, July 27, 2012

Crazy Mountain Mountain Livin' Pale Ale review

Crazy Mountain Mountain Livin' Pale AleIt's finally here in Northern Colorado! Crazy Mountain canned craft beer has hit the shelves here in my home town. And I didn't have to head to the mountains to get it! Crazy Mountain Mountain Livin' Pale Ale was one of three canned beers now being shipped throughout most of Colorado. I had seen my local store announce it's arrival on Facebook and I didn't wait long to go grab some.

I had the pleasure of sampling Mountain Livin' Pale Ale up at the Burning Can Festival in Lyons earlier this summer. I enjoyed the sampling I got and was looking to try a full can of this. Glad they came to town. Like Oskar Blues, they put several of their beers in cans, however they do also put many in bottles as well.

Mountain Livin' Pale Ale uses Simcoe and Citra hops and weighs in around 5.7% ABV and has around 40 IBUs and was brewed under the supervision of head brewer Grant Smith and Brewmaster Kevin Selvy.

Appearance: For a pale ale, Mountain Livin' Pale Ale is darker than most as it poured a dark copper orange with an off-white head. It's hard to tell just how well carbonated the brew was in the can, but swirling the glass gave up a lot of small bubbles. This brew was just sticky enough to leave a small lacing around the top of the glass. This beer was well filtered and had great clarity.

Aroma: I definitely picked up a tropical fruit-like aroma off of the hops in this beer. It had some sweetness to it as well from the malts and I could tell this was going to have a lot of flavor just from the whiffs coming out of the glass. There seemed to be a trace of butterscotch in there as well.

Taste: Ah nice. This brew had a big full bodied feel. Rich malts followed by a nice bitterness on the follow through. The brew drank smooth and didn't leave any aftertastes which was nice. Not as dry as I would have thought, but rather quenching. This is probably one of the maltier pale ales I've tried. A lot less hops than an IPA, but enough to know that they are there ready to jump you if needed.

Overall: I'm thrilled to finally be able to buy 3 of the Crazy Mountain brews in Northern Colorado now and not have to wait for this to show up at a beer fest. Crazy Mountain is a worthy brewery and I feel will benefit greatly from their expanded distribution in the state. Mountain Livin' is a wonderful Pale Ale and I will look forward to finishing up this 6-pack.

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this beer.

Video showing the pour of a Crazy Mountain Mountain Livin' Pale Ale:

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