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Hop Farms in Colorado

List of Colorado Hop FarmsWhat would a beer be without hops? Hops are one of the most important ingredients in a beer. If you've ever taken hops in your hand and breathed deep, the aroma would instantly remind you of a beer. It's what gives beer that added extra in both aroma and bitterness.

So where do hops come from? The vast majority of them in the USA come from the Pacific Northwest. But now, due to an ever growing demand from the thousands of craft breweries out there, many states are having to grow their own hops to help keep up with demand. And Colorado is no exception. The acreage may be a lot lower than some states, but the number of hop farms in the state are steadily increasing as a big cash crop.

Here is a list of the known Hop Farms in Colorado. Hop farming is a very volatile business as many growers come and go regularly. This list is maintained annually and may contain some hop farms no longer in business. If you have any other farms that aren't listed here please Contact us and let us know. Thanks! Please note that this list is constantly changing and some hop growers may no longer be producing.

Last updated September 12, 2016.

The Ever Changing List of Colorado Hop Farms

Colorado Hop Yard - Delta, CO - (303) 808-2504 - Lance Williamson.

Ella J Farms - Organic Hops - Longmont, CO.

Fort Collins Hop Acres - Fort Collins, CO.

G5 Hop Fields - Windsor, CO.

Happy Heart Farm - Fort Collins, CO.

Haystack Hops - Longmont, CO.

High Altitude Hops - Larkspur, CO - (720) 621-5513 -

High Hops Hop Farm - Windsor, CO.

High Wire Hops - Paonia, CO. (970) 270-2855.

Hydro Hop Farms - Fort Collins, CO.

La Russo Hop Farms - Denver, CO.

Misty Mountain Hop Farm - Olathe, CO.

Niwot Hops - Niwot, CO.

Olathe Hops - Olathe, CO. (970) 234-0900.

Old Fort (The) - 18683 Hwy 140, Hesperus, CO - (970) 385-4574.

Osborne Farm - 1230 S Boise Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

Oskar Blues Hops And Heifers Farm - Longmont, CO.

Palisade Hop Farm - Palisade, CO - (970) 216-5617.

Peach Valley Hops, LLC - Olathe, CO - (970) 773-1694.

RadZie Hops - Mead, CO.

Rising Sun Farms - Paonia, CO.

San Juan Hop Farms - Montrose, CO - recently sold.

Still Wind Farm - Hotchkiss, CO.

Thirsty Toad Hops Farm - Palisade, CO.

Twisted Bine (The) - 128 N Monument Lake Road - Monument, CO.

West Elk Hop Farm - Paonia, CO.

Voss Farms - Arvada, CO.

Colorado Hop Processors

Colorado Hop Company - 1116 Colorado Ave, Longmont, CO 80501 - (970) 412-8833

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