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Marble Brewery Double White Ale review

Marble Brewery Double White AleSouth of the Colorado border calls with this offering from Marble Brewery of Albuquerque, NM. This time it's a bomber sized bottle and a bigger beer to go with it - Marble Brewery Double White Ale. It's billed as a Belgian Wit only with a bit more kick to it.

I spied a few bombers at my local store and Marble Brewery seemed to have a prominent location in the bomber section so I couldn't resist this brew, particularly when it was a hot summer afternoon.

The label describes Marble Brewery's Double White Ale as follows: "This Belgian-style pale wheat ale is fragrant, dry and a touch tart. We brew it with coriander and orange and lemon peel to give it a distinct and delicious flavor."

Marble's Double White Ale weighs in at a respectable 7.0% ABV and comes in a 22oz bomber bottle in its distribution here in Colorado. This seemed to be a nice treat for a long summer's work day and I opened it up once it cooled down outside for a bit.

Appearance: Marble's Double White Ale poured a very light yellow in color. As you can see from the picture, under the light it seemed to glow and it came with a brilliant white foamy head that stuck around for a while. The brew itself was a bit cloudy as most wheat beers tend to be, but I found as the beer warmed a little the cloudiness went away and left this brew with a high amount of clarity and an above average amount of carbonation. Swirling the beer left a nice sticky white lacing along the edge of the tulip glass.

Aroma: Wheat beers and Belgian-style beers seem to have their own unique classic aromas. And when the two are used together in one beer then you have a nice battle of the senses going on. I could pick up a bread-like wheat malt in the nose as well as a subdued banana-like yeast aroma in the classic Belgian style. The coriander and citrus peels used in this brew gave this beer a more summer-like tone. I could even pick out some spicy and lemon grass-like hits in the air as well. Somewhat funky and earthy with a citrus twist.

Taste: Now here was a nice blend of flavors. The yeast and the wheat seemed to mix very well and gave a hint of tart with some citrus with a dry, semi-sweet yet mildly bitter finish. This beer seemed to go down easy and the higher alcohol in this recipe wasn't immediately noticeable. The beer seemed a bit lighter in body than some wheat beers for the alcohol level, yet was very enjoyable. I liked the fact that the coriander and citrus peel wasn't over done here. Just a nice nudge to let you know it was there, but didn't go any further.

Overall: For a wheat beer, it had just enough flavor and spice to be almost a sessionable brew. I couldn't tell that it was a higher ABV beer. The body could have been beefed up just a bit, but other than that I wouldn't change much else. This was just the thing for relaxing with after a long work day. Savor this one a bit more slowly than most because the ABV will eventually catch up to you.

While this wasn't my favorite Marble beer, I'd still definitely have this one again as a nice selection when I'm in the mood for a Wit or a Belgian-style lighter ale. I could easily finish this entire bomber though. Overall, a bit above average, but not one of the very best. What would you say about this beer?

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this beer.

Video showing the pour of Marble Brewing Double White Ale:

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