Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Upslope Brewing to expand into a second location

Upslope Brewing CompanyOriginal facility to remain open and brew pilot beers.

(Boulder, CO) – Upslope Brewing Company, located in Boulder, Colorado, announces its plan to build a new brewery in Flatiron Park, located near 55th Street in Boulder. The new brewery will be operational in Q1 2013 allowing Upslope Brewing to initially expand by 70% with plenty of room for future expansion. It will also open a 2300 square foot taproom in the new facility. The tap room will also share a work café in conjunction with Ozo Coffee Roasters.

Upslope Brewing Company opened its doors in November 2008 at 1501 Lee Hill Road in North Boulder with two beer styles all in cans. Over the past three and a half years the company has expanded 6 times in their current location and has added 2 additional flagship beers and a Limited Release series. “Demand for our beer continues to grow exponentially and ongoing expansion at the current location doesn’t meet our future goals. Flatiron Park has the infrastructure that our production brewery needs to take it to the next level,” says Founder, Matt Cutter.

Upslope Brewing will continue to operate its taproom and brewery at Lee Hill. The Lee Hill brewery will be both a production brewery and an incubator for new and innovative beer styles. “When demand for our beer drives the day to day production there is little room in the brewing schedule for experimentation,” says Cutter. Additionally, Upslope Brewing feels that North Boulder has embraced the brewery and taproom. “We always want to be a part of this growing community. That NoBo vibe is in these walls and in these tanks.”

Upslope Brewing Company, a microbrewery located in Boulder, Colorado, taps into the beer enthusiast’s active lifestyle by offering superior quality hand-crafted ales and lagers in cans. The teaming of fine beers in cans allows Upslope Brewing’s products to be fresh, mobile, and delicious.

Why cans? Cans are better for the beer, the environment and are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of Colorado and points beyond. The benefits of canning – protection from light and oxidation and retention of brewery direct freshness – have been well received both through Upslope Brewing’s popular flagship and limited release beers.

For more information on Upslope Brewing Company, please contact Henry Wood at henry@upslopebrewing.com or 303.960.8494.

For more information on Upslope Brewing Company, go to: www.upslopebrewing.com


New Upslope tank July 5th, 2012
(Above image courtesy Upslope Brewing Company)

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