Friday, August 24, 2012

Yak and Yeti Brewpub plans September brews

Yak & Yeti Brewpub
For a small brewpub, Yak & Yeti sure puts out a lot of variety and frequently! Adam Draeger recently sent out an email describing all of the upcoming beers he plans to unlease and thought everyone should see this. Check these out and head down to the Yak & Yeti at 7803 Ralston Road in Arvada to try them.

[EMAIL Dated August 23, 2012] - Yak and Yeti Happenings Sept'12

I have two more large batch seasonals I'll be releasing this month. Since I have no space for them on the taps and am waiting for other beers to blow, you'll have to follow the blog for exact dates on the releases.

1) Brown Rice and Honey Ale - 6.1% & 25IBUs. This was our fall seasonal last year too. it is an English Brown with 60lbs of clover honey and 60lbs of brown rice. very floral with a bit of earthy spiciness, great fall beer and pairs well with many foods.

2) LoonyToon Tripel - 8.2% & 31IBU's - I am big fan of the Unibroue beers out of Chambly (Quebec) Canada. They make fantastic Belgian styles here in N. America. I got a hold of their special house strain of yeast to make this Tripel. Name comes from the fact that Canadians call their one dollar coins "loonies" and their two dollar coins "toonies".

I have a whole slew of beers waiting in the wings to be on tap for our Haunted Series. I don't really have specific release dates, but I know the order in which we are releasing them (depends on how long the beer lasts).

The first kegs of Oaked IPA (leopold bros whiskey bbl) will be gone by this weekend, so I know that first thing next week I'll have is:

1) Fenugreek Belgian Special - 8.5%.

2) Czech-style Pilsner - 6.4%, 39IBUs - a bit big but a good contrast to my all German Pils.

3) Dragon's Wort! - 8.5% - Dragon's Wort is a real plant/spice better known as Tarragon a very strong and interesting flavor.

4) Weizenbock - 7%+, a wheat ale that is bigger and darker with fruit/ester notes.

5) German SMASH - a SMASH beer is a Single-Malt And Single-Hop beer. This one uses Munich malt and Tettnager hops.

6) Oaked IPA - (Leopold Bros Whiskey bbl) Once a month I'm releasing another 2 sixtels of this and each release is a bit more aged and oaky than the previous release (until it's gone).

Yak & Yeti BrewpubWe've had requests to bring back the ESB, Colonial Ginger Beer, O-fest, Pumpkin and R.I.S. back, so look for those small batches at some point in the future.

Adam Draeger
The Yak and Yeti Brewpub - head brewer
Arvada, Colorado

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