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Elevation Prostator Smoked Doppelbock review

Elevation Beer Co Prostator Smoked DoppelbockA name like Prostator may not sound appealing, but a portion of the proceeds from this beer go to help Pints for Prostates, an organization that is an advocate for men to get regular prostate exams and potentially save their lives. So in a sense, drinking beer may help save someone you know down the road. Despite the name, Elevation Beer Company's Prostator Smoked Doppelbock is a beer that comes from a fairly new Colorado brewery that is already making a big name for itself in brewing beer. So when they offered me a bottle to review, how could I pass that up?

Prostator was brewed in the Summer of 2012 and is packaged in 750ml bottles and on draft and targeted for release around the 2012 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The beer's label lists all of it's ingredients which homebrewers will appreciate should they wish to try to duplicate this beer. They even list food pairing suggestions as well. This beer was designed in the tradition of the smoked beers of Bamberg, Germany and is Elevation's first lager beer.

This smoked lager weighs in at 7.5% ABV and has around 24 IBUs. The brew is bittered with Northern Brewer and Tettnanger hops. Leave it to the Feds to insist that Elevation state on their label: "Provides no medical benefit to the Prostate". So while sales may help fight prostate cancer, it won't do it by drinking it.

Appearance: Prostator poured out dark, a dark reddish brown color similar to a cola that quickly built up a thick, foamy tan head. When I opened the corked bottle there was just a light pop and it seemed too have just enough carbonation in it to be fresh. Held up to the light, I could just barely see through the entire beer. The beer was just dark enough not to see through everything, yet it seemed like it had good clarity. The beer maintained a small ring of bubbles around the glass throughout the entire tasting session.

Aroma: Smoke! Ah yes, you can't help but notice the rich smokey malt aroma. I picked up a hint of caramel sweetness between the smoke and a bit of spiciness as well. It had a very full scent (for a lack of a better word), meaning that with every sniff I picked up a full spectrum. The smoke was very inviting, somewhat reminding me of a smoked porter and smoked meats only less roasty and more sweet. If you're a fan of smoked beers then this one should grab your attention right away.

Taste: There was an underlying base of caramel malt that first hit me with each sip. The smoke in the aroma and the beer stayed with me throughout the entire taste. There was no harshness at all, rather smooth yet with a nice bitterness that didn't change or linger too long. It definitely had the character of an Alaskan Smoked Porter, but without being a porter. The bottle stated that it was beechwood smoke, but it was almost like a birch. No aftertaste. The beer hit me all at once up front and maintained throughout. I loved how the flavor kept coming out more and more as it warmed up. Definitely don't drink this too cold or you'll miss out on some of the flavor.

Overall: For a smoked beer, Elevation Prostator was a good example of it's style. I think I like this Doppelbock a bit better than one without smoke. Sometimes smoked beers can be to much, but this one definitely found a good balance with all the malts, hops and aromatics. I think Elevation Beer got it right the first time with this beer. Who knows, this type of beer just may age well too under the right conditions. I'd like to compare a 2012 bottle next year with a 2013 should they keep making this.

I'll be interested to hear what others think of this. Many of you attending the Denver Rare Beer event at the Wynkoop this year will get a chance to try this as well.

Disclosure: I was given this bottle via a free shipment directly from Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs, CO for me to write about and give my opinion. I was not paid to do any endorsement of this beer.

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