Wednesday, October 24, 2012

High Hops celebrates Grand Opening on a high note

High Hops glass at sunsetBeer, hop fields, a patio, a greenhouse, live music, food, plenty of customers and a beautiful sunset. What more could you ask for with a grand opening? Last weekend, High Hops Brewery of Windsor, CO opened it's doors with their official Grand Opening two-day celebration on October 19th and 20th, 2012.

High Hops is a new brewery attached to the existing building at The Windsor Gardener and High Hops Brew Shop along Highway 392 in Windsor, Colorado. Family owners, Patrick and Zach Weakland, built a brand new tasting room, outdoor patio and a big new brewhouse onto the multi-acre property. High Hops has unofficially been open for a couple weeks with limited hours, but now the brewery, the beer and the facility were finally ready for a grand opening.

Friday afternoon's opening was very well attended. There was standing room only in the tasting room and outside on the patio. In the north end of the building was a greenhouse room with lots of tables and chairs and a satellite tap system for even more seating. There were two food businesses on hand to supply plenty of food for the grand opening as well.

It didn't take long for some kegs to be drained that first night. They had a pilsner, a fresh hop ale, an IPA, a double IPA, a hoppy stout and a milk stout. Luckily, they had plenty of beer on hand and when one keg was killed another took it's place. High Hops had 5 or 6 beers on tap at all times and brought in specialty kegs throughout the evening including a tasty Milk Stout (The Dark One).

Beer lovers could get served in 3 separate locations during the evening. There was a walk-up window outside on the patio where you could get a new beer beneath the trellis. The greenhouse had both beer and wings from the Wing Shack on hand as well as a stage with 3 different music performances scheduled throughout the evening.

As the night wore on, the lights came up and made for a nice intimate setting, both indoors and out. The High Hops Brewery has a wonderful view of the mountains and their hop field to the west and the bright sunset made for quite the show.

Zach Weakland admitted they didn't expect to see so many on opening day, but he welcomed each and every one that did come for the opening.

What makes this brewery so nice is that they also have a homebrew shop in the very same location as the brewery, so not only can you grab a beer, you can also get the ingredients to brew your own on the way out.

Now that the grand opening has past, there will be plenty of room to enjoy a beer or two after work or on the weekend. Look for High Hops to continue to turn out specialty beers, some made with the hops they grew themselves on their own hop farm outside. Be sure to stop on by on the west side of town and explore Northern Colorado's newest brewery.

High Hops Brewery
6461 Highway 392
Windsor, CO
(970) 674-2841
Twitter: @HighHopsBrewery

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