Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Renegade Brewing to open 2nd location

Renegade Publik HouseA growing trend of craft breweries opening remote taprooms with food is happening. Renegade Brewing is opening up a 2nd location that will feature it's own beer as well many other guest beers.

Renegade Publik House to Open Mid-March 2013

[PRESS RELEASE] Renegade Publik House, a pub and restaurant in the University of Denver neighborhood will take Renegade Brewing Company's beers to a new location in South Denver. The new pub will be located at 2043 S. University Blvd, just north of the intersection of University and Evans. The new 2000 square foot space will host 20 craft beers on tap. As for the selection, Renegade will hold 5-8 of the taps at any given time. These beers will be some of the favorites that people know from the brewery at 925 W 9th Ave, as well as some specialties that will only be offered at the Publik House. The remaining taps will rotate through a wide variety of craft beer styles and craft breweries. There are no parameters that will define the guest tap beers other than they will be excellent examples of their style and a superb representation of craft beer. A wide selection of canned and bottled beers will also be available including the beers that Renegade offers in cans.

Planned for opening in mid-March 2013, the Renegade Publik House is also planning to offer gourmet pizza and salads. Keeping in theme with Renegade's creative beer styles, the pizzas will be cooked on a grill top instead of baked. "We are exploring further options to make our pizzas creative and high quality." said Chief Beer Officer Brian O'Connell "They will be handcrafted and thoughtfully designed to accompany the craft beer selection and enhance the overall experience of the Publik House."

The decor of the Publik House will be somewhat of an homage to the neighborhood. Esinem Designs has once again been contracted to design the bar area for the Renegade Publik House. Esinem is responsible for the unique design utilizing exotic woods in the Renegade Brewing taproom bar. The new bar will bring elements of the existing bar, but will include new design elements to pay tribute to the role of academia in the neighborhood. "We are very excited to be a part of the DU neighborhood, and to offer residents of the area high quality handcrafted beer and food", said O'Connell.

The Renegade Publik House will be a representation of Renegade Brewing Company, but will also have elements of its own identity. The logo, seen here, closely resembles that of the brewing company. However, the Publik House has its own online presence at and It will have its own style and personality while bringing in familiar elements of the brewing company.

Renegade Brewing Company continues to grow their distribution, having just announced recently that Elevation, a triple IPA, and 5:00, an Afternoon Ale, will both be canned in January 2013. Renegade has been growing rapidly with one major expansion completed in the fall of 2012 which increased capacity by 125%.

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