Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mountain Sun pubs prepare for darkness

Mountain Sun Stout MonthThe days may be starting to get longer, but things are slowly fading into darkness over at the Mountain Sun trio of pubs as they prepare for their 20th season of Stout Month. Their brewers have been busy for the last six months brewing up special recipes that will be on tap starting February 1st at all three locations in Boulder and Denver. This week they released a list of some of the stouts they plan to offer up for Stout Month February 1-28, 2013. Some of them are returning favorites, while others are brand new creations.

The following is a list of stouts from their recent newsletter that you'll be able to choose from starting February 1st.

2013 Stout Month Beers

Old School Dry-Irish Stout

Sharkbite Foreign-style Stout - 2011 Homebrew Contest Winner

Addiction Coffee Imperial Stout - 2010 World Beer Cup Silver Award Winner

Dropkick American Stout

Yonder Mountain Oatmeal Stout

Stoked Oak

Coconut Cream Stout

Trickster American Stout

Girl Scout Stout – 2010 Homebrew Contest Winner

Thunderhead Stout

Oat Lord Oatmeal Stout

48 Smooth Chai Stout - 2012 Homebrew Contest Winner

Chocolate Dip

Korova Cream Stout

Norwegian Wheat Stout

Dark Harvest Pumpkin Stout

Megatron American Imperial Stout

Oatimus Prime English Oatmeal Stout


Does that list make you thirsty yet? It should. Better get your taste buds ready to plunge into darkness. It's always darkest before the light (of Spring beers). Stout Month will be celebrated at: Mountain Sun, Southern Sun and Vine Street Pub & Brewery.

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