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Homebrewer turning mischievous past into Wiley Roots Brewing Company

Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyThe city of Greeley, Colorado will soon be getting another craft brewery. Kyle and Miranda Carbaugh recently took over the keys to the old Crabtree Brewing location at 625 3rd Street and plan to renovate it and open it again as Wiley Roots Brewing Company by mid-summer 2013 as a place they hope to tell a story with their beer.

Kyle and Miranda both went to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and after graduating they married and got regular jobs unrelated to brewing. Miranda currently works in HR for the State of Colorado in Denver, and Kyle formerly worked at a public accounting firm and later switched over to a public telecommunications job. When a friend introduced Kyle to homebrewing several years ago, Kyle quickly became hooked on brewing his own beer. He joined the KROC homebrew club in Denver and worked on his brewing skills out of his own kitchen for several years.

As his love of homebrewing grew, both Miranda and Kyle took to touring as many Colorado breweries as possible. For a while, they traveled almost every weekend. Miranda admits she was a wine drinker before they started traveling, but now has fallen in love with craft beer and has even started homebrewing several batches of brew herself.

It didn't take long for Kyle to get the desire to perfect his beer recipes and dream of owning his own brewery. The Carbaughs started searching for a possible location for a brewery back in 2009. They even created a makeshift brewery in Kyle's parents barn in 2010 as a place to continue learning the craft. After a couple years of looking for a brewery location they ended up back in Greeley, an area close to where they grew up. When the opportunity came to grab the old Crabtree Brewing location - they jumped at it.

The name Wiley Roots Brewing was chosen for a reason. In his youth, Kyle was known by his family members as being very mischievous and was quite the little terror around the house. His aunt nicknamed him "Wiley" and the name stuck. And with that name, the Carbaughs plan to produce beers that aren't exactly according to style, but tend to be a bit outside the norm and show off Kyle's "wiley" side.

Update 5/24/2013: Originally, the name was to be Wiley Brewing Company, but due to trademarks and other letters, they decided to go with Wiley Roots Brewing Company.

Miranda and Kyle CarbaughThe Carbaughs realize that Greeley isn't yet known as a big craft beer town and they want to change that impression and help teach the community what craft beer is all about. Initially, they plan to focus their business on the taproom and building the customer experience. They realize building a business on the east side of town will be challenge as most of the development in town is happening further west, but downtown Greeley is starting to see a resurgence of activity lately, particularly with the adoption of the Go Cup zone in the downtown area during the warmer months.

Wiley Roots Brewing already has most of their equipment on hand or on order. They recently went in on a shared order for fermenters and brite tanks with several other breweries in an effort to save on shipping costs. They plan to brew on a 7 barrel system and have several similar sized fermenters and brite tanks. Kyle also owns a high-end homebrewing system he plans to use for test batches.

To get ready for operations, the Carbaughs and family have been busy gutting the inside of their new brewery. Tearing down the old brewery remnants and installing new floor drains and revamping the entire look of the business on the inside. The brewery will initially utilize the old brewhouse, taproom and office areas of the previous brewery and turn that into something all its own. They want to create a usable yet flexible space.

Their new place, when finished, might cause a little bit of a shock to those that knew it before. They love the fact that the building is already known for a brewing history and want to surprise people who used to go there. They want to put their own spin on it to be comfortable and inviting, but true to its industrial roots.

The licensing process has already begun. They anticipate getting their Federal license by the end of April and their state and local permits by May. If all goes according to plan, they could open as soon as early June of this year.

Update 6/28/2013: Wiley Roots did a soft opening on June 29th, 2013. Read all about it and check photos of their new interior!

Wiley Roots Brewing buildingAs for the beers they plan to offer? They don't want to be known for producing just one style of beer. Their goal is to start with some basic styles, but with an aggressive interpretation of them. Kyle wants to balance a robust beer like an imperial India Pale Ale (IPA), but scale it back into something that they can ease new craft beer drinkers into. A White IPA is one beer they hope should satisfy and be approachable by many. They also plan to create an American-style Wheat Ale that will be unique. There was even talk of having a hybrid American-Belgian style amber ale in a style similar to a Belgian abbey ale. Lastly, they wish to produce a chocolate porter rounding out 4 main beers and eventually some seasonal brews they will rotate in.

Jumping from homebrew sized recipes to 7 barrel batches is nothing trivial. They realize it will take time for their recipes to evolve and come into their own. They plan to use their test batch system to produce experimental beers and small batches.

The Carbaughs have gotten a lot of advice from other brewers on starting a new business. Miranda's brother-in-law operates Patrick's Irish Pub in Greeley and has given them a lot of insights into what it takes to run a business.

Chances are, you'll see Kyle and Miranda using all their spare time over at the new brewery location as they prepare to leave their old jobs and jump full-time into running their new one this Summer. Look for them to offer some new exciting beers, host some fun events at the brewery and help build Greeley into another big craft beer loving town.

Wiley Roots Brewing Company
625 3rd Street, Unit D
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Phone: 970.691.1641
Email: kyle[at]wileybrewing.com
Web: www.wileybrewing.com
Facebook: facebook.com/wileybrewing

(Images courtesy Wiley Roots Brewing Company)

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