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eDrometer - a new Colorado made digital hydrometer

eDrometer Digital HydrometerHomebrewers and winemakers take notice - there is a new Colorado-made product that is in the process of running a Kickstarter campaign that looks to be promising. It's called eDrometer and it is reported to be a highly accurate digital hydrometer that promises to become an invaluable tool for measuring 9 different aspects of your next homebrew, wine or distilled product. Check out the press release below to check out this product.


Affordable digital hydrometer features outstanding accuracy, durability and ease-of-use

[PRESS RELEASE] LONGMONT, CO (March 15, 2013) — STM Instruments, Inc., is proud to introduce the eDrometer™, an all-new digital hydrometer designed specifically for artisan brewers, winemakers and distillers. Invented by four friends with a combined 60-plus years of experience in fluid sensor design, the eDrometer is much more accurate than simple floating hydrometers and far less costly than more complicated digital versions. It’s durable and easy to use, producing multiple temperature-corrected measurements with the press of a single button.

The inspiration for the eDrometer came from STM Instruments co-founder Greg Lanham, a mechanical engineer by day and a budding brewer/distiller by night. One of the most important pieces of equipment used in brewing, distilling and winemaking, hydrometers measure crucial information, such as sugar concentration, which ultimately determines the alcohol content and flavor of the beverage. Frustrated by traditional hydrometers, Lanham struggled to take reliable measurements so he could fine-tune his recipes. “It’s difficult to get accurate, repeatable results, and then you throw in the temperature measurements and corrections, which adds more chance for error,” says Lanham, who then recruited other investors to help create a smarter solution.

Eighteen months and several prototypes later, the eDrometer finally met the exacting requirements of
its inventors. Durable, simple to use and easy to clean, the patent-pending device has superb accuracy (better than 0.0015 SG) and provides consistent results time after time. With the press of a button, it supplies data on specific gravity (60 ⁰F); degrees Brix ; degrees Plato; Baumé; Oechsle; ounces of sugar per gallon; potential alcohol (PA); percent alcohol volume; and temperature (F and C). There’s no need to adjust the values after measurement; the temperature correction has already been taken care of by the built-in Complete Temperature Compensation (CTC) technology.STM instruments launched a Kickstarter project on March 12, 2013, with a goal of raising $35,000 by April 11 to help fund the initial production run. The company hopes to ship the first eDrometers in
August 2013 with a retail price of just $499.

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STM eDrometer digital hyrometer accuracy demo

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit STM’s website at, or contact Greg Lanham (303-579-7182 or Videos on the company’s website,, demonstrate the eDrometer’s simplicity and accuracy. Photos are available on request.

ABOUT STM INSTRUMENTS, INC: Launched in October 2012, STM Instruments is based in Longmont, Colorado, in the middle of the state’s thriving community of artisan brewers, winemakers and distillers. Founders Greg Lanham, and three other investors are all experts in fluid sensor design and have more than 35 patents issued and another 20 filed between them. The eDrometer is STM’s inaugural product.

Fermentedly Challenged's Notes: This article is not a recommendation of this product by Fermentedly Challenged, nor was it a paid endorsement by the manufacturer. Potential customers should carefully evaluate this product's claims for themselves before purchasing. This press release was posted primarily because it represented a cool, innovative Colorado made product that may be of interest to homebrewers, winemakers and distillers.

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