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Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA review

Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPAWhen Stone Brewing first brought their Enjoy By IPA beer to Colorado around the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, I just had to try it and was I glad I did. Even Greg Koch was on hand at their brewery booth to talk about it personally with me. Now, Stone has released another batch of this brew in Colorado, this time it's their Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA - a big double IPA in a big 22oz bomber bottle.

How appropriate of a date for a Colorado release. 4-20 is now an even bigger day here with the legalization of pot in Colorado and with this beer baring the date of 04.20.13. I'm sure it will be cherished in Colorado even more so because of it. Regardless of the date on the bottle, Stone Brewing has already set the bar high on this IPA that asks you to drink it fresh and let's you know up front how long they consider the beer to be considered fresh. Would this beer be as good as their Enjoy By 11.0912 IPA that they brought to the GABF? I was eager to find out.

Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA was brewed in March 2013, released on 03.20.13, and is expected to be consumed within a month of its release. This beer is a big one (no surprise) weighing in at 9.4% ABV and a big 88 IBUs. The big hop taste was brewed NOT to last and was intended to be consumed right away. So without waiting for April it had to be opened now.

Appearance: Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA poured a golden copper color with amazing clarity and carbonation. The beer built up a respectable multi-finger off-white head and gave off a nice clingy lacing along the side of the glass. Of all the IPA's I've seen, this beer has got an amazing look of purity. Not a flaw in how this beer looks.

Stone Brewing at 2012 GABFAroma: This beer had a big earthy, fruity, resiny hop character that filled the air immediately after opening. No mistaking this beer for anything other than a big hoppy IPA! There were elements of citrus fruit, big malt undertones and seemingly a Stone trademark boldness. This beer grabbed my attention up front and would not let up. Love that aroma.

Taste: Three words: Smooth. Balanced. Hopgasm. This is definitely as good as I remembered this beer to be, only this time I got to sample it in a 12oz glass instead of 1oz at a time at a booth. This is definitely how a big IPA should be. The freshness of this beer really stands out. It's nearly the perfect IPA in my opinion, even better than a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. The bitterness seemed perfectly balanced with the semi-sweet malt base. The beer was fairly dry as I would expect, yet was smooth and went down very well. I felt quenched, yet wanting more of this double IPA. I only wish that this beer was available year round here in Colorado.

Stone Enjoy By 04.20.13 IPA up closeOverall: I've never given a beer a 5 out of 5 before. Some have come close, but never reached it. As a double IPA, it ranks one of the best I've ever had. I gave it a perfect 5 on my Untappd list. It's a beer that I will have to use as a basis for all other DIPAs to try to follow. Yup, it's that good. If you spot a bottle of this grab it quick and drink it that night (provided it's not after 04.20.13 that is). If you missed it, you can bet it will be back with another fresh date in a few months or so.

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this beer at my local liquor store. It pays to follow liquor stores on Facebook as they let me know a batch of this just had come in. Thanks Bittersweet Liquors of Greeley, CO!

Stone Brewing's Enjoy By webpage.

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