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Parry's Pizza pulls off One Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery

Parry's Pizza One Big Ass Tap TakeoverAvery Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado makes a lot of different beers and it's rare to see 31 of their beers on tap at any place other than their own Tap Room. But on April 27th, 2013, Parry's Pizza took three of their locations in Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village and Castle Rock, and turned them into remote Avery taprooms during the One Big Ass Tap Takeover event.

During this event, a combination of 93 Avery Brewing beers were on tap as well as a couple of rare bottled beers in what some are calling the biggest tap takeover event in history from any 1 brewery. Owner, David Parry, wanted to host an event that would be like no other. He somehow convinced Adam Avery to dig into some of his own private stash of Avery beers and put them all up at once at a remote location.

Parry's Pizza started out early. They advertised that this event was going to run all day from 11:00am to 11:00pm. However, Parry's Ale Yeah Club members were invited to show up 1 hour early and get access to some of the more rare beer offerings in bottles including Avery's Uncle Jacob's Stout and the popular sour beer Odio Equum - both barrel aged beers. Both of those beers were gone by the time the 11:00am crowd showed up, and by crowd I mean the place was packed! At least the Highlands Ranch location was.

Some people might not think that beer drinkers would be interested in drinking beer at 11am, let alone 10am for some, but come they did and the place was standing room only, even out on the outdoor patio where the sun and warm air made for a perfect day.

When attendees showed up, they were presented with a big colorful Big Ass Tap Takeover menu with all 31 beers on tap listed. Every conceivable draft beer from Avery was there including a new beer which Avery Brewing was debuting that weekend.

Around 11:30am, Parry's Pizza owner David Parry grabbed a bullhorn and welcomed the crowd to his One Big Ass Tap Takeover and presented Adam Avery, owner of Avery Brewing Company. Avery talked about the new 3Point5 Pale Ale, a very hop forward session ale that had a powerful flavor yet boasted a very low 3.5% ABV rating. This beer could have fooled everyone. It had a big hoppy nose and a big IPA-like flavor, yet without most of the alcohol. Patrons could easily down a few of those without feeling the effects of higher ABV beers.

Adam Avery told Fermentedly Challenged later that plans for their new larger brewing facility were coming along slowly, but surely. They still have some hurdles to clear with all of the permits and licenses, but once that is done the build-out of the new building facility would take about 12 months after to complete. Look for their new facility to open sometime around late 2014 or early 2015 complete with a restaurant, outdoor gardens / patio and a much bigger brewing capacity.

Getting a table there was a bit tough. The waiting list to be seated lasted over 45 minutes due to the big crowds. Even the bar area with its 50 taps was standing room only. Those who were patient were eventually rewarded with a seat and had plenty of Avery beers to choose from.

The Colorado Craft Beer Show was also doing a live remote of their radio program from 12 noon to 2pm. Host John Turk and guest co-host Elizabeth Kagan from Firestone Walker led interviews with David Parry, Adam Avery, Todd Thibault (Breckenridge Brewery) and a couple of beer blogger guys - Mark Robinson (Brewtally Insane) and yours truly, Dave Butler (Fermentedly Challenged).

After the show, both David Parry and Adam Avery headed over to the new Parry's location in Greenwood Village for another toast and another radio program spot on the American Craft Beer Radio show with Gary V where things got even rowdier.

During this event, I was able to try several Avery beers including the new 3Point5 Pale Ale, Uncle Jacob's Stout, Tweak (formerly Meph Addict), Avery Nineteen, Bolder Weisse, and Wee Turtles (smoked Scotch wee heavy).

3Point5 Ale - for a beer at 11am - this beer was perfect to start off with. This beer had a full hop aroma like an IPA and tasted like a big full flavored Pale Ale. And after a full 16oz, I could have easily gone for another one. Tons of flavor and just a hint of a buzz. This beer is going to be popular during the warmer months or anytime when you don't want a higher ABV beer.

Uncle Jacob's Stout - This was a big powerful beer that was only available in bottles. This beer was totally gone by 11am. I was lucky enough to have someone save some for me and I got to taste 3oz of this big 17%+ ABV barrel aged imperial stout. It was absolutely big and powerful, rich with vanilla and molasses tones and one of the best imperial stouts I've had to date. Those 12oz bottles were going for $12 at this event and everyone of them were gone.

Tweak - This beer is a coffee-infused version of Avery's Mephistopheles Stout. This too was a big beer weighing in at 15% ABV. It had a bold coffee-forward taste that fave this big stout a whole new attitude. Amazing beer for those who love a little coffee in their stout.

Avery Nineteen Anniversary Ale - This was a tasty Belgian-style tripel that I've had before and wanted some more of. This was a big 8.23% ABV and had a funky Belgian flavor with hints of sweetness from Belgian candy sugar, and a big wheat taste. Yummy.

Bolder Weisse - This is a Berliner Weisse ale. It's light, tart and a bit on the sour side. This is one of my go-to summer favorite styles, yet can be enjoyed any time of year. This one was served up in a snifter glass and went well on a warm day.

Wee Turtles - This was my last sampling of the day. A full glass of this Scotch Wee Heavy style that had a hint of smoked malts added for a smokey up front flavor and a sweet back end malty taste. This beer was big also at 9.5% ABV and served in a snifter glass. Thanks to Mark & Patti Robinson for buying me that beer. Another great Avery beer.

By 2:00pm and three hours later, I got very hungry and found a seat at the bar and ordered a plate of 10 Parry's BBQ hot wings. Ah that and the Wee Turtles ale went well together and satisfied my hunger pangs for the afternoon.

Overall, the entire event was well attended and the beers from Avery were all amazing. I just wish this event was spread out over several days so that I could return and try even more Avery beers. Rumor has it that Avery will be back to Parry's again next year with up to 40 different beers! That will be an event worth waiting for.

For more info on Parry's Pizza and all 4 of their locations, visit: Look also for Parry's Pizza to open up several new locations in the next year or so in north Denver. Next one to open will probably be in Northglenn. Stay tuned!

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