Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twisted Pine La Petite Saison review

Twisted Pine La Petite SaisonSaisons are known for being excellent summertime quenchers with a lot of flavor, but they can also be enjoyed year round. This review is of a returning seasonal favorite from Twisted Pine Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado. It's their Twisted Pine La Petite Saison - a Belgian-style farmhouse ale and it's available now.

La Petite Saison was brewed with noble hops (German Perle, Czech Saaz and some American Willamette) and plenty of Pilsener and white wheat malts. it's meant to be tasted in a fluted or snifter-like glass for best experience. This beer is released each April and is available through August across 13 states, not just Colorado. It's billed for the warmer months, although, being April, it was sampled on a snowy cold April Spring night.

La Petite Saison's stats were as follows: 5.9% ABV, 25 IBU and bottle conditioned with some live Belgian yeast. It is available in 22oz bomber bottles.

Appearance: Twisted Pine La Petite Saison poured a pale yellow color with a small bright white head with tight bubbles that disappeared quickly. The brew was cloudy/hazy that cleared somewhat later on in the sampling. There wasn't much lacing, what little was there slid off quickly. I could see a small amount of yeast sediment at bottom of bottle. The beer was well carbonated, but not overly done. It looked just like a classic saison should.

Aroma: This farmhouse saison had a big busy aroma that contained some fruity esters like apricots and mango, some mild spicy tones, a classic Belgian-yeastiness and some sweet malt aromas. There wasn't much funkiness in this farmhouse ale, which is fine by me, rather it was inviting and gave promise of a lot of flavor to come.

Taste: Some fruit in the taste along with a mild pepper-like spice and some sweet, bready Pilsen malts. The combo of the noble hops, Belgian yeast and malt seemed to work together well. Enjoyable from the start, but not as bold as some farmhouse ales can be. This had a refreshing quality with no after taste, and a rather clean finish. I could imagine sipping this on a hot summer day, but as it stands I drank it on a cold snowy April night. Mild funk, not as strong as other local Saisons. This Farmhouse Ale won't remind you of a barnyard, but of an exotic location.

Twisted Pine Lat Petite Saison up closeOverall: This beer was sampled on National Stress Awareness Day and it made for a perfect way to de-stress after a long work day. First sips are always foolers with Saisons, so be sure to give this one a good long sampling to fully appreciate all what went into it. The tones change from the initial pepper spice, to more fruity twinges and easy drinkability later on. Belgian beers can be quite enjoyable once you acquire a taste for the yeast. And speaking of which, it's OK to drink that bit of sediment at the bottom as Belgian yeasts tend to add a bit of flavor at the end of the bottle.

I would definitely drink this Saison again. It was easy enough to finish an entire 22oz bottle with no problem. Good thing that I have a second bottle, as I will enjoy sharing that one later on during a more warmer setting. For more info on Twisted Pine Brewing Company - visit twistedpinebrewing.com.

Disclosure: I was sent two complimentary bottles of this beer direct from the brewery. I was not paid for this review, rather it was my own personal opinion of this beer as part of a promise given to post a review.

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