Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Twisted Pine Toasts Return of La Petite Saison

Twisted Pine Brewing CompanyPut down those winter brews and get ready for something better suited for Spring. Twisted Pine is getting their Spring beer line-up rolled out and one of the first to return is their La Petite Saison. Here is their press release issued today describing this beer.

Popular seasonal to be released April 5th

[PRESS RELEASE] Boulder, Colorado – April 2nd 2013 – As winter wanes and sunshine gains, the brewers at Twisted Pine Brewing Company are welcoming warmer weather with the seasonal reappearance of La Petite Saison. The award-winning Belgian farmhouse-style beer will be released with a party at the brewery’s ale house in Boulder, Colorado on April 5th and find its way to store shelves and tap handles the following week.

Twisted Pine will make La Petite available throughout its 13 state distribution range in both kegs and 22 ounce bottles. The increased distribution, up from 4 states in 2012, obliged the brewery to double the amount produced this year.

La Petite is unfiltered like traditional saisons and pours a hazy straw color with a snow white head of micro-fine bubbles. Aromatics of lemon peel with a dash of black pepper and a gentle, pleasant funk waft up from the glass and bear evidence of the unique yeast strain used to ferment this ale. Fruity esters carry over from smell to sip and effervescent carbonation spreads the mélange of flavors across the tongue while subtle earth tones from the hops softly punctuate the finish.

Bottles and draft of La Petite Saison will be available at Twisted Pine when the front door opens for lunch on Friday. For more information, check www.twistedpinebrewing.com or contact the brewery.


Based in Boulder, Colorado, Twisted Pine Brewing Company has been hand-crafting quality ales since 1995. In addition to such favorites as Hoppy Boy IPA, Raspberry Wheat Ale and Billy’s Chilies, the brewery has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of style guidelines with such creations as Big Shot Espresso Stout, Northstar Imperial Porter and Ghost Face Killah. Twisted Pine is actively involved with local charitable organizations and is a staunch advocate of sustainable business practices. For more information, visit www.twistedpinebrewing.com.

Twisted Pine Brewing Company
3201 Walnut St. Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

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