Friday, May 31, 2013

Colorado Beer Releases for May 25 - May 31 2013

Colorado Beer ReleasesHere are some of the known Colorado craft beers released during this past week. While this list isn't complete by any means, it does represents a big chunk of of the 170+ breweries here in Colorado. If you spot something interesting - head on over to that brewery before it's gone. Please note that some of these releases are firkins or specialty kegs and may already be gone.

Colorado Beer Releases Week of May 25 - 31, 2013

Avery Brewing - Bhakti Chai Brown Ale - 2nd batch ever - May 31st 5pm.

Black Bottle Brewery - Just a Minor Threat - Double IPA - returns May 31st.

Black Shirt Brewing - 2013 Red Porter | Track #2 - May 29th 5pm.

Breckenridge Brewery - Well Built E.S.B. - returns May 25th 11am.

Cannonball Creek Brewing - Saison Nu - May 30th 3pm.

Copper Kettle Brewing - Dunkel Weizenbock - May 25th 4pm.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Cucumber Saison - cask - May 29th 3pm.

Crazy Mountain Brewing - Black Cherry-infused Boohai Red Ale - firkin - May 31st 5pm.

Equinox Brewing - Space Ghost IPA - returns May 29th.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Over My Dead Body - India Pale Lager - draft only - May 31st.

High Hops Brewery - Agave Jalapeno Wheat - firkin - May 29th 5pm.

Lone Tree Brewing - India Pale Lager - May 29th 12pm.
Lone Tree Brewing - Whiskey Barrel Aged Black Ipa on nitro - May 30th.

Mountain Toad Brewing - Apex Amber - May 25th Grand Opening.
Mountain Toad Brewing - White Ranch Wit - May 25th Grand Opening.
Mountain Toad Brewing - Mt. Zion IPA - May 25th Grand Opening.
Mountain Toad Brewing - Ryrish Stout - May 25th Grand Opening.

Odyssey Beerwerks - Psycho Penguin Vanilla Porter - May 25th - grand opening.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Helios Hefeweizen - May 25th - grand opening.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Ghost Rider Pale Ale - May 25th - grand opening.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Nebula Belgian Black Double IPA - May 25th - grand opening.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Caber Tosser Scotch Ale - May 25th - grand opening.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Brick Lane ESB - May 25th - grand opening.

Pateros Creek Brewing - Put Your Feet Up Pilsner - outlaw tap - May 30th.

Pikes Peak Brewing - Incline Imperial IPA - May 27th 1pm.

Prost Brewing - Altbier - returns May 31st.

Rock Bottom Denver - Fools Gold - Belgian Ale - May 29th 6pm.

San Luis Valley Brewing - Settin' Sail Kiwi Ale - Blonde Ale w/kiwi - May 25th.

Trinity Brewing - Damn it Feels Good to be Gangsta - dark American wild - May 31st 5pm.

Upslope Brewing Co - Imperial India Pale Ale - 19.2oz can release - May 29th.

Wynkoop Brewing / Cheeky Monk - Saison de Colfax - Memorial Weekend.

To see a complete list for the last month and the previous 11 months visit the Colorado Beer Releases page.

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