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Grimm Brothers Maiden's Kiss Maibock Lager review

Grimm Brothers Maiden's KissIt's the lusty month of May and with it come the Spring seasonals out in force. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse put out a lusty beer of their own this month - Grimm Brothers Maiden's Kiss - a Maibock lager. The classic "Grimm Brothers" bottle artwork once again adorns the bottles of this release and they've put another sultry fairy tale maiden on the label. I believe this not only attracts attention to this beer, but also manages to sell a lot of t-shirts as well.

Maibocks tend to be a very malty brew with a bit of spicy quality at times. Grimm Brothers released this beer around the 1st of May this year and it's already seems to be a popular beer with the locals. Maiden's Kiss weighs in around 7.3% ABV and has a low IBU rating. This beer is a lager and was brewed at lower temperatures than ales and tends to take a bit longer to ferment than other ales.

I was fortunate enough to try this beer initially the day before it was released at the brewery. I liked the sample and was given a full 22oz bottle by the brewery to give it a full review. This beer is available around Northern Colorado and now the Denver and Boulder area thanks to a recent distribution agreement Grimm Brothers made with Tivioli Distributing.

Appearance: Maiden's Kiss poured out a dark golden color. There was a modest sized off-white head that left a clingy lacing along the glass. The head didn't last long. The beer was mostly clear with just the slightest hint of haze. The beer was decently carbonated and opened with a gentle hiss. I could not see any noticeable sediment in the bottle and the beer itself was sediment free in the glass with the first and 2nd pour.

Aroma: This maiden has the aroma of toasted malts with an earthy background. There was a sweet, yet peppery tone to this beer as well. Both the malts and the hops were noticeable in this beer, but the hops were not huge, but rather subtle with a spicy tone. The malts took center stage with each inhale. I couldn't pick up any fruity esters, which is fine in this beer, but there was a slight sweetness detectable overall. Being a lager, I could pick up a slight hint of sulfer, but I really had to let this beer warm up a bit for any of that to start coming out. Luckily, this beer fell short of any "cooked corn" aroma. Later on, I felt I could almost pick up some citrus in the nose as well.

Maiden's Kiss close-upTaste: Maiden's Kiss starts out and finishes with a malty tone. The hops added an earthy sense as well. There was just a hint of tangy-ness in this beer, but it wasn't sour by any means. This beer had a medium to full body feel to it. The malts really dominate in this beer. I found myself having no problem with the 1st half of this bottle. It drinks well on the cool side. Later on, as the beer warmed, the malts begin to really dominate. I could pick up just a hint of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) in this beer, but not much. Lagers tend to pick up a bit of this in some varying levels.

The second half of this bottle, when warmed up, gave a slightly different experience. While still malty while cold or later a bit warmer, this beer became more of a slower sipping beer with the second pouring. I tended to like this beer better when it was cold, fresh out of the fridge.

Overall: Maibocks are either a hit or miss in my book. Grimm Brothers managed to hit this style of beer fairly dead on in my opinion. It's not exactly a beer I'd go for on a hot day, but rather on a cooler Spring day. It was well made, with a very good malt base. It's a style I prefer not to have a lot of, but then again at 7.3% ABV I probably would only want about a glass of this anyway. Grimm Brothers makes some excellent German-style beers and this is one of them. Drink this one cold and you'll definitely enjoy this Springtime beer.

P.S. - Once again, absolutely love the artwork on this label. Grimm Brothers has a great look to their beer brand. I had this beer both on draft and in the bottle. Great both ways, but seems best at the brewery on tap.

Disclosure: This was a complimentary bottle given to me directly by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. This is not a paid review, but an honest opinion given in return for the free bottle.

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