Monday, June 3, 2013

Sanitas Brewing prepares flagship beers for Summer debut

Sanitas Brewing CompanyJust when you think Boulder, Colorado had enough craft breweries, another one comes along with big dreams, big recipies of their own and the passion to do what they like best. Sanitas Brewing Company is getting ready to open in Boulder later this year. Check out their plans for some of their initial flagship beers in their press release from today.


[PRESS RELEASE] BOULDER, COLORADO, JUNE 3, 2013 –Sanitas Brewing Company is excited to reveal its two canned year-round offerings. The two beers will be released this summer in conjunction with the opening of Sanitas Brewing Company’s new Boulder, Colorado brewery.

With the hop forward Sanitas Black IPA and rustic Sanitas Saison, co-founders Chris Coyne, Michael Memsic, and Zach Nichols introduce a pair of bold, yet, drinkable beers to the front range of Colorado.

“Early on in the development of Sanitas Brewing Company, we decided that we wanted to have a beer with a big emphasis on hops,” explains co-founder Michael Memsic, “We’re thrilled to offer our interpretation with Sanitas Black IPA. This beer really focuses on that iconic black color, and then we’re throwing in a ton of big, American hops to give a citrus, floral, and fruity backbone to the aroma and the flavor. My favorite part about Sanitas Black IPA is that it’s medium-bodied with a low roast flavor and it drinks like a good, crisp IPA.”

“The Saison is a style that’s loaded with tradition,” says cofounder Chris Coyne, “Originally brewed by farmers along the Franco-Belgian border, Saisons are typically brewed with rustic grains. Sanitas Saison is made with organic pilsner malt and wheat. The addition of citrusy, grassy hops adds a distinctive character to the beer and warm fermentation temperatures create the dry finish and fruity esters that the Saison is known for. Sanitas Saison is very light and refreshing, yet, complex and inspiring.”

The can art was designed by co-founder Zach Nichols.

“We really wanted to create a classic look with these cans. We've put a lot of thought into the beer inside, and felt the cans should be equally appealing. I was inspired by Colorado elements, both old and new. The cans are clean, iconic, and I think they’ll really stand out on store shelves,” explains Nichols.

Both brands will be canned using Sanitas Brewing Company’s canning line from Wild Goose Engineering. The flagship beers are also made using organic malts and grain, reflecting Sanitas Brewing Company’s commitment to superior ingredients.

Sanitas Black IPA and Sanitas Saison will be released in cans and kegs later this summer. The co-founders anticipate Sanitas Brewing Company’s Tap Room to open around the same time. Follow them on Facebook, twitter, and their blog to stay updated on their progress.


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