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Colorado Beer Releases August 12-18, 2013

Colorado Beer ReleasesHere are some of the known Colorado craft beers released during this past week. While this list isn't complete by any means, it does represents a big chunk of of the 170+ breweries here in Colorado. The Summertime brews are now giving way to Fall and harvest time beers. Look for the types and varieties of beers to begin changing this month. If you spot something interesting - head on over to that brewery before it's gone. Please note that some of these releases are firkins or specialty kegs and may already be gone.

Colorado Beer Releases Week of August 12th - 18th, 2013

Beer By Design - Cantilever Lager - August 16th.

Big Beaver Brewing - Raspberry Kolsch - August 13th.

Black Bottle Brewery - Free Checking - Session IPA w/Citra hops - August 17th.

Brew on Broadway (The) - Social Club Coffee Milk Stout - 6pm.

Bristol Brewing - Bristol Wit - Belgian-style wit - bottle release August 16th 5pm.
Bristol Brewing - Cheyenne Cañon Piñon Nut Brown Ale - bottle & draft - August 17th 5pm.

City Star Brewing - Rail RYEder Belgian Pale Ale - August 14th.

Copper Kettle Brewing - Tequila Barrel Aged Mexican Chocolate Stout - cask - August 14th 3pm.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Tequila Barrel Lime Agave Pale Ale - August 17th 12pm.

Crabtree Brewing - Barrel-aged Cezanne Saison w/apricots - August 13th.

Crooked Stave - Musty Cedar Box - bourbon barrel aged sour - August 17th.

Dillon Dam Brewery - Captain Zen - spice rum barrel Marzen - firkin - August 13th 5pm.

Dry Dock Brewing - Dry-Hopped El Dorado Sunday Morning - firkin - August 16th 3pm.

Echo Brewing - Razz Raspberry Wheat - returns August 13th.

Equinox Brewing - Strawberry Hefeweizen - August 15th.

FATE Brewing - Belgian Single w/crystallized ginger - August 16th.

Front Range Brewing - Highlander Imperial Stout - August 15th.
Front Range Brewing - Coal Creek Quad - chocolate/cherry quadrupel - August 15th.

Fort Collins Brewery - Major Tom's Lemon Wheat - August 16th.
Fort Collins Brewery - Major Tom's Basil Wheat - August 16th.

Great Divide Brewing - Cultivate Farmhouse Ale - August 17th - Cultivate Festival beer.

Great Storm Brewing - Eight Wolves IPA - August 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Warped Rum Raisin Stout - August 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Gose the Gozarian - August 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Blue Spruce Juice - summer spruce beer - August 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Shine On - Belgian Golden Strong Ale - returns August 16th.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Wicked Witch - Dunkel Kottbusser - August 16th.

High Hops Brewery - Heart of Glass Blondie Ale - firkin - August 14th 5pm.

Hogshead Brewery - Maiden IPA - August 15th.
Hogshead Brewery - Maiden Window Licker Barleywine - August 17th.
Hogshead Brewery - IPA "From the Wood" - August 18th.

Kettle & Stone Brewing - American Bold Ale - August 16th 5pm.

Lone Tree Brewing - Saison - August 14th.

Loveland Aleworks - 7 C's Rye Wheat - August 15th.

Mountain Toad - Darth Wheater - dark wheat beer - Tadpole release - August 15th.

Odell Brewing - Head for the Hills Colorado Amber Ale - August 17th 3pm.

Ouray Brewery - Box Canyon Brown Ale - week of August 12th.
Ouray Brewery - Red Mountain Rye Ale - week of August 12th.
Ouray Brewery - Porphyry Pale Ale - dry hopped - week of August 12th.

Rock Bottom Denver - Happy Pils - Bohemian-style pilsner - August 14th 6pm.

Rocky Mountain Brewery - O'Hare Pub Ale - ORDinary bitter on nitro - August 14th.

Wynkoop Brewing - London Calling IPA w/lemongrass - cask - Brown Palace Hotel - August 16th.
Wynkoop Brewing - St. Charles ESB - cask - Brown Palace Hotel - August 16th.

Yak & Yeti - Sherpa Prima - robust porter - August 14th.
Yak & Yeti - Saison du Yak - Belgian-style Farmhouse Saison - August 14th.
Yak & Yeti - Roasted Hatch Chili Pepper Wheat - August 14th 4pm.

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