Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black Shirt believes in the power of red

Memories of the last Great American Beer Festival are still fresh and so are thoughts of a recent trip to Black Shirt Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. Black Shirt Brewing (BSB) recently celebrated their 1st anniversary at 3719 Walnut Street in the northeast section of Denver having opened back in October 2012. The media got a special tasting tour of their brewery during the GABF and Fermentedly Challenged was on hand to capture a bunch of photographs and sample some brews.

BSB is headed up by Brandon Miller, Chad Miller, and Carissa Miller along with help from Adam (asst brewer), Andrea and Cassie (taproom), and Ian (asst everything). Black Shirt Brewing specializes in Red beers and serving them in glasses that are quite unique. The brewery was in the beginning stages of expanding their brewhouse and several new fermenters had already been installed in their location. Their new brewhouse (mash tun, kettle) hadn't yet been put in place, but they still had plenty of red ales on tap during our visit.

BSB is set off a ways from the downtown area. The closest other brewery to BSB is the new Crooked Stave @ The Source and the new Epic Brewing. Don't plan on walking their from Coors Field unless you want to get some exercise. One thing you'll notice right off the bat is that the brewery loves artwork. There are several examples hung all over the brewery. The taproom beer list is fashioned after a top 20 record chart with the words: "Now Playing". Even the tap handles look like old fashioned microphones that recording stars would use.

Full pours of their beers come in unique shaped Offero glasses. It looks like someone chopped off the top of the glass at an angle. But what this does is create a cupped dome over your nose to help capture all of the aromas of their unique red ales. Even their porter is red. The media as able to sample a Saison and a Porter from their Track list.

The staff let us wander through their fermenter farm in the adjoining room. The room was quite full with stainless steel. Since our visit, even more equipment has been wheeled into the brewhouse. Outside in front there is a patio with plenty of room. Even out back they have room for another patio, although due to the expansion they had a lot of equipment out there waiting to be installed.

I'll have to revisit Black Shirt Brewing again soon to see how it all fit together. Plus, I'm anxious to try their full spectrum of beers. The two I had tasted outstanding. I look forward to visiting them again. Black Shirt Brewing Company is located at: 3719 Walnut Street, Denver, CO. Visit them on Facebook, Twitter or on the Web.

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