Monday, November 4, 2013

Centennial Beer Co and Tivoli Distributing Announce Agreement

A small contract beer company just landed a distribution deal that will bring the Centennial Beer Company's beers to more locations in Colorado. Here is a press release issued today about the deal.

Centennial Beer CompanyFt. Collins and Denver, CO - Nov 4, 2013: Centennial Beer Company and Tivoli Distributing Company are pleased to announce a Distribution Agreement. Effective immediately, Tivoli Distributing will handle all sales and distribution of Centennial Beer Company products in most Colorado markets. Because of this partnership, Centennial Beer Company brands will immediately be more broadly available throughout Colorado and retailers will see tremendous product availability, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service.

“Centennial Beer Company is bringing a unique product to the Colorado beer market; “Simple – Good – Beer” made proudly in the Centennial State. We believe that there is a large population of beer drinkers in Colorado who are ready to transition from mass produced beers to craft beers, but want craft beers that are less complex and easier drinking.

We are now ready to place our smooth drinking All American Blonde and All American Red Ales into distribution and we have selected TIvoli Distributing to do so.” said Bill Leary, President of Centennial Beer Company. “Our goal is to build a great brand to help Colorado beer drinkers with this transition. With Tivoli Distributing’s focus on introducing and building brands, we feel they are the perfect partners to join us on our journey.” Leary added.

Corey Marshall, CEO of Tivoli Distributing Company, commented, “We are excited about the new approach that Centennial Beer Company has to offer consumers. Communicating this new style of craft beers will be a good challenge, but is the type of challenge we love - Introducing and building craft brands by delivering great service to retailers and sales and marketing focused on brand building! “


About Centennial Beer Company

The Centennial Beer Company was established in 2013 based on the concept that Colorado is ready for a new kind of craft beer experience and that there is an untapped market for simple, good craft beers in Colorado. Centennial’s product line currently includes All American Blonde Ale and All American Red Ale. Centennial Beer Company is headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado and produces its beers under contract with Crazy Mountain Brewing Company out of Edwards, Colorado.

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About Tivoli Distributing Company

Tivoli Distributing Company was formed in 2012 to provide a new and alternative route for small craft breweries to access the craft beer marketplace. Tivoli Distributing began this process with the re-launch of Tivoli Beer, one of the first beers produced in Colorado and last brewed in Denver in 1969, and has followed with the recent launch of Sigi's, another important historic Colorado beer. Tivoli Distributing combines a deep passion for craft beer and a focus on introducing and building new or existing brands for a mutually beneficial relationships with both its accounts and breweries. Tivoli Distributing’s Portfolio includes Tivoli Brewing Company, Denver, Co; Grimm Brother’s Brewhouse, Loveland, Co; Backcountry Brewery, Frisco, Co; Crabtree Brewing Company, Greeley, Co; Pateros Creek Brewing Company, Ft. Collins, Co; Aspen Brewing Company, Aspen, Co; Hardtail Brewing Company, Johnstown, Co.

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