Monday, January 27, 2014

Black Bottle Brewery is expanding for 3rd time

Black Bottler Brewery ExpansionOne year old breweries are lucky to expand in their first year of operation. Black Bottle Brewing in Fort Collins is planning to expand for the 3rd time in just over a year and they've got some big plans for bottling and distributing too. Check out their latest press release to find out what's in the works for this fast growing Colorado craft brewery.

Black Bottle Brewery to double its production capacity in coming weeks

[PRESS RELEASE] Fort Collins, CO – Jan. 27th, 2014 – At just 14 months old, Black Bottle Brewery (“BBB”) will be going through their third production expansion on Tuesday, January 28th at their 1611 S. College Avenue, Suite 1609 location, when they receive seven new fermentors and five new brite tanks, more than doubling their existing brew house operation.

“We are excited that the day has finally come” said General Manager, Steve Marrick. “We’ve been working on the logistics and the arrival date for a little while now, and we can’t wait to put all the pieces together and start making more beer!”

Twelve large tanks will have made their way almost 1,200 miles from Practical Fusion in Oregon City, Oregon, to find their new home in Black Bottle Brewery’s basement brew house. As if things were not a tight fit already, they fix to get a little more cramped when two 20bbl and five 9bbl fermentors are added. Also in the shipment will be two 18bbl and three 8bbl brite tanks that will be placed in the BBB production cooler, which will be getting a facelift of its own with an additional 300 square feet during the expansion.

The first quarter of 2014 will continue to be a busy one for BBB, with plans to start bottling their Liquid Metal (Imperial Rye Stout) and Just a Minor Threat (Imperial IPA) in 750ml bottles using a four head bottling line. Needing to make room for the new equipment, Black Bottle Brewery found an offsite storage location on the north side of Fort Collins.

The near future looks promising for this local craft brewery as they have been in negotiation with a major distributor in the Denver area and are considering distributing further south to the Colorado Springs area as well as to our neighbors up north in Wyoming. Black Bottle signed last summer with High Country Beverage and is currently being distributed throughout Northern Colorado and the Western Slope.

Black Bottle Brewery opened its doors just a little over a year ago in December of 2012. Brewing creative craft ales and lagers with radical ingredients in their basement is their passion and recently partnered with High Country Beverage of Loveland to help with their distribution. Offering a full food menu from its kitchen on the main level, Black Bottle Brewery provides a unique drinking environment enhanced by great food. For more information visit,

High Country Beverage is an independent Colorado family owned and operated beer distributor known for product quality and outstanding customer service. They proudly represent over 250 brands of the finest local, craft, domestic, and imported malt beverages from around the world. For more information about High Country Beverage, please call 1-800-462-3615, or visit us online at

Practical Fusion, metal fabricators with a passion for problem solving, are located in Oregon and cater primarily to the ever growing and innovative micro brewing industry. For more information visit


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