Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book Review: The BrewDogs of Colorado II

The BrewDogs of Colorado II - Book ReviewOne thing many Colorado brewers have in common, besides the love of great beer, is the love for their dogs. A set of 4 people got together to document and photograph dozens of the state's top brewery dogs in the second book in a series entitled "The BrewDogs of Colorado II" by Becky & Brian Bennett and Lauren & Kristen Olson.

I don't normally do book reviews, but when this book showed up in my mailbox unexpectedly last month, I read through it and just had to comment on it. As a dog owner myself for most of my 50+ years, I can easily connect to all of the wonderful photos and stories of the dogs that our local brewers own and love. This 140+ page book works well as a conversation starter and a good coffee table reader.

Each pair of pages focuses on 1 or more dogs owned by a person who works at a Colorado brewery. There are some clever and funny images of these animals along with a short story about each and the things they love to do. Dog lovers will certainly enjoy this one. And for those who frequent certain breweries in this state, you may well recognize some of these dogs as they tend to hang out at the breweries while the owner is there.

Even cat owners will love this book too as I found a handful of pages in this edition dedicated to brewery cats as well. There's even some tidbits and facts about the breweries these dogs hang out at as well including a special beer that you might want to try when you visit the brewery.

Sample Page from The BrewDogs of Colorado II

The photography is excellent in this book. There's so many different breeds of dogs in this book. Those wanting to get a dog for their own may want to look through this book to get an idea of what individual breeds look like and what their tendencies are.

The BrewDogs of Colorado II even has a forward written by Governor John Hickenlooper who was one of the early craft brewery owners in the state.

This book was published by Woof Media, LLC and is available at several brewery taprooms across the state as well as online for around $29 and change. If you love dogs and Colorado beer, then this is the book for you.

I was inspired by this book and included a photo of my dog Charlie as well. He's a kind, gentle 13 year old male Cocker Spaniel who loves to chase squirrels and sleep next to me while I write my blog. Thanks so much to the publisher and authors for sending me a free copy of this wonderful book.

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