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Fort Collins Brewery recaps 2013 as Year of Growth

The FCB building2013 will go down as a big year for many Colorado breweries, and for The Fort Collins Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, they marked the last year as a memorable one. The brewery issued a press release today recapping 2013 and the progress that was made.

2013: A Year of Growth

[PRESS RELEASE] Fort Collins, Colo. – The Fort Collins Brewery, along with Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern, is excited to recap the highlights of 2013, from new equipment and beer releases to defining their community presence. FCB and Gravity 1020 reflect on the most memorable parts as well as looking forward to the bright future of 2014.

In striving to always keep the FCB brew in admirable condition, 2013 was by far the year for new equipment and expanding their brew haus. In October, the addition of a 50bbl Automated Rolec System from Germany was put in commission. The brew haus is designed to achieve the highest product quality
and efficiency, as well as production safety. To the Gravity 1020 customers, the 50bbl system provides a unique and fascinating view as it stands just on the other side of the restaurant and brew haus common window.

FCB continued redefining the brew haus by adding a 7bbl Newlands Pilot System from Canada, which furthers the brewers capability to be creative and to try new style of brews on a smaller scale. The Pilot System’s primary use is to brew the three Tap Club beers per month, along with any collaboration brew in the future.

Just before the New Year, FCB was able to sneak in the additions of the Wittemann 2” Pinpoint Carbonator and the GEA Westfalia Centrifuge. This style of carbonating allows for greater consistency and increased foam head retention. The Centrifuge process, ensures that FCB’s beer is never passed through a filter, stripping out essential flavors and aromas achieved during the brew process.

In 2013, FCB and Gravity 1020 laid down its identification roots with their Create Share Savor mission. The philosophy for which they’re founded on, that beer should be created and enjoyed, and the values that guide how they run their business and interact with their community. This past year FCB was most proud to be a local partner of the Habitat for Humanity project, The House That Beer Built, directly benefiting the rebuilding of a home that was lost to the High Park Fires.

Along with defining their community footprint, FCB was honored to also make an economic impact while being recognized as one of 50 companies to receive the 2013 Colorado Companies to Watch award. An award according to the Companies to Watch website given to a “second-stage company that fuels the economic fire of Colorado by accounting for much of the economic growth and economic independence of individuals throughout the state.” A prestigious recognition was also given to Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern, as they were listed as one of 7 restaurants featured in, USA Todays Best farm-to-table movement restaurants, throughout the world.

FCB continues to grow as a company through new equipment, community presence and to a national audience, but more simply the FCB brand expands through the production of their hand-crafted brews. 2013 saw a flight of new brews from the launch of the Hoptitude series to the award-winning Out of the Ashes Bomber Series, along with the ever popular Double Chocolate Stout and Big Shot seasonals – to name a few.

The Fort Collins BreweryAs production has increased so has distribution for The Fort Collins Brewery. The FCB brand further expanded its brews to the East Coast stretch, including Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York, along with the West Coast counterpart, Nevada, totaling 27 states to carry the FCB product.

All in all, FCB and Gravity 1020 reflect on 2013 as the “year of growth,” and the ability to provide a cleaner, consistent and crisper outlook for all aspects of the company and they look forward to the hike of 2014.

“We have a lot in store for 2014, I hope it can keep up! We’re excited to kick off our collaboration brews with other breweries, both locally and nationally, along with creating fun events and new brews that will entice people to become a FCB and Gravity supporter if they aren't already,” said The Fort Collins Brewery Marketing Coordinator, Kaylee Kulich.

In spring of 2014, FCB and Gravity will release another Bomber Series, Malt Monsters, which will highlight the new brew haus capabilities. And, they’ll expand their landscape by looking to break ground on a Rooftop Greenhouse and Beer Garden to provide a one of a kind brewery and dining experience.


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