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Wolf Picker included in new Odell variety pack

Odell Winter-Spring Montage

A beer with the name Wolf Picker might seem a bit unusual until you understand that the term refers to a machine that helps to pick hop vines. Odell Brewing Company is well known for their experimental beers made on their 5 barrel pilot system. This winter season, they have decided to bottle one of their experimental ales and include it in their new Winter-Spring variety 12-pack. Check out the press release issued today and find out what "Wolf Picker" Experimental Pale Ale is all about.

Odell Brewing announces Winter-Spring Montage Variety 12 pack featuring Wolf Picker Experimental Pale Ale

[PRESS RELEASE] Fort Collins, CO – On January 11th and 12th, Odell Brewing will celebrate the third release of its Montage Variety Pack series. Each Montage Variety Pack includes two year round offerings, the current seasonal release, as well as a special Roots Release beer inspired by the brewery’s five barrel pilot system. The Winter-Spring Montage features 90 Shilling, IPA, Runoff Red IPA, and Wolf Picker.

Named in honor of the hop growing community and the harvesting equipment many use, Wolf Picker is an experimental American Style Pale Ale brewed with two experimental hop varieties. The malt profile produces a light golden straw hue and a clean crisp finish that allows the hopback and dry hopping additions to shine.

Odell Wolf Picker Experimental Pale Ale“We absolutely love to partner with hop growers experimenting with their new and exciting varieties,” said Brendan McGivney, head of production at Odell Brewing Company. “Wolf Picker features ADHA (American Dwarf Hop Association) #881 and HBC (Hop Breeding Company) #366, which give this beer an intensely complex hop character and aroma filled with notes of lemon, fresh basil and tropical fruit.“

The Winter-Spring Montage also features seasonal offering, Runoff Red IPA. Formerly known simply as “Red Ale,” Runoff boasts a hearty malt backbone and a ruby hue. The brew is dry-hopped with a generous amount of American hops giving the beer a fruity citrus aroma and a kick of grapefruit and pine hop character. Runoff is also available in six packs.

The Winter-Spring Montage will be available in the brewery’s ten state distribution region beginning January 13th. Odell Brewing will celebrate the release of Wolf Picker in the Tap Room on January 11th & 12th. Guests can enjoy samples of the beer, local food truck fare, and live music by Natalie Tate and Devin James Fry on Sunday from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

About Odell Brewing: Founded in 1989, Odell Brewing was started by Doug Odell, his wife Wynne, and his sister Corkie. Twenty-four years later, the culture of family and collaboration still thrives fostering a brewery full of beer-centric people. It is this passion for beer that inspires Odell Brewing to create quality, hand-crafted, innovative brews. As a regional craft brewery, Odell Brewing is committed to serving the communities in which it distributes by minimizing its environmental impact, sourcing local raw materials, and through its charitable giving program known as Odell Outreach. Odell Brewing was named a “Best Company to Work For” in 2013 by ColoradoBiz Magazine and is an award winning brewery, nationally and internationally: 2013 Great American Beer Festival® - gold medal for 5 Barrel Pale Ale, 2012 Brewers Association Recognition Award, 2011 Great American Beer Festival® - gold medal for Friek, 2008 World Beer Cup® – gold for IPA. 2007 Great American Beer Festival® – gold medal for IPA.

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