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Verboten Killer Boots Caramel Porter review

Verboten Brewing Killer Boots Caramel PorterIf it were up to me, I'd be drinking dark beers all year round. Even in March, it's still a cold enough month to enjoy a good dark porter, and I found a good one to review by the name of Verboten Brewing Killer Boots Caramel Porter. This beer came from a bomber bottle that Verboten Brewing of Loveland, Colorado packaged in honor of their 1st anniversary back in January 2014. Killer Boots is one of Verboten's flagship beers and for me, it's one of my go to beers that I usually order when visiting that brewery.

Killer Boots weighs in at a respectable 6.0% ABV. They serve this beer on a regular tap and sometimes on a nitro tap. And for the first time, this beer is available in a very limited supply in 22oz bottles. Just last month in February 2014 they released a small supply to liquor stores around Loveland, Colorado. If you're lucky, you can find some of it still available in bottles. But, if you can't find it in a store, you can usually find it always on tap down at the brewery.

Verboten loves to name their beers after movie quotes and this beer was named from a line from the movie Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carey tells a character "Killer Boots man!".

While I don't normally use a standard pint glass anymore, I occasionally make an exception for certain types of dark beers like a porter. I love to watch a head build up after an aggressive pour. Let's dive into this review and see what this brew is all about!

Appearance: Verboten's Killer Boots was poured aggressively into the pint glass and the brew gave up a big 3-finger tall head that seemed to last a very long time. The beer itself was very, very dark, nearly black with a thick brown head. As I held the glass up to a strong light, I could not see through this beer at all. Some porters allow some light to shine through it, but not this one. It's dark, like a stout, only it isn't. The head eventually died down. There wasn't just a bit of lacing from this beer when swirled. The beer looked great, but the real highlight was yet to come.

Aroma: Here is where Verboten's Killer Boots started to shine. The brew immediately put out a big, rich aroma of roasted malts. I could pick up a big nose of many different things such as coffee, chocolate and a hint of the caramel sweetness in the background. There was also an earthiness from the hops that were brewed into the mix. The aroma reminded me a bit of smelling coffee on a cold morning. You could almost make a case for this being a breakfast brew. The overall aroma has a very pleasing and satisfying tone, one that I never get tired of.

Killer Boots close-upTaste: Right off the start, Killer Boots gave off the flavor of a big dark roasted brew. There was plenty of roast here along with an underlying caramel flavor that helped to balance the bitterness and roastiness. Along with that, I could pick up hints of coffee and chocolate to boot (no pun intended). What I liked about this porter is that it wasn't over the top with alcohol, it kept the roast in check with the addition of caramel, and it has a taste that just sat smooth in my mouth. There was a slight residual after-taste of malt that stuck around well after the drink was gone. I liked that.

Overall: This beer has always been one of my favorite beers from Verboten. For a brewery that's just over 1 year old, they are doing a great job coming up with very flavorful beers. Verboten Killer Boots Caramel Porter is an excellent porter that I bet you'll want to have another of once you've had your first. If you can find a bottle of this, grab it. If not, you can always take home a growler of this from the brewery. Well worth the trip to Loveland to get a glass of this.

Disclosure: I was given this bottle in thanks for being a guest speaker at Verboten Brewing's Verboten Sisterhood meeting in February 2014.

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