Sunday, April 27, 2014

Parry's Pizza loves Big Ass Tap Takeovers

Parry's Pizza Big Ass Tap Takeover 2014When Parry's Pizza in Highlands Ranch, Colorado does a tap takeover, they do it right. On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Parry's Pizza put on their 2nd annual Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, CO. Avery brought over 20 of their beers on tap as well as several special and rare brews in bottles. If you went to last year's event, you know that Avery brings over some of their best beers.

The tap takeover was focused just on their Highlands Ranch location this year in order to simplify things a bit. The event ran from just before 11am (particularly early for their Ale Yeah members) and went all the way to close. There was a special printed menu listing all of their Avery beers on tap that day.

Members of Avery Brewing's staff were on hand and showed up in style in the big Avery One van that they parked outside. John Turk and the Colorado Craft Beer Show did a live radio remote there from 12 noon to 2pm. Owner David Parry was the co-host and they spoke to a few of the Avery staff as well as some local beer bloggers from Mark Robinson ( and Dave Butler (Fermentedly

Big Ass Take Takeover MenuThe party was packed. So much so that the local sheriff's patrol car swung by on several occasions just to ensure the crowd was behaving themselves (luckily they were). The beers were the real star of the show. Avery brought such beers as: Avery IPA, Beast Grand Cru 2010, Bhakti Chai Brown, Bolder Weisse, Coconut Brown Ale, Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, Double Dry-Hopped Maharaja, Ellie’s Brown Ale, Hog Heaven, The Kaiser 2012, Lilikoi Kepolo, Mephistopheles’ Stout, New World Porter, Out of Bounds Stout, Out of Mind, Salvation, Samael’s, The Czar, The Maharaja, The Reverend, Trogdor the Burninator, Tweak, Uberschwein, White Rascal, and Winter’s Day IPA.

Special beers in bottles included: Uncle Jacob's Stout, Opuntia, Rumpkin, Mephostopheles' Stout 2012 and a surprise appearance by their soon to be released sour: Rufus Corvus. Wow, what a line-up.

Here are the photo highlights from the day. Be sure to check it out again next year. It should be even bigger and better than ever. Thanks to Parry's Pizza for a great time, great pizza and getting all these awesome beers.

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