Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Samuel Adams helped Brewery Rickoli brew Oats McGoats

Samuel Adams and Brewery Rickoli collaborationLast year, Brewery Rickoli of Wheatridge, Colorado won the chance to work with larger brewer Samuel Adams as part of Samuel Adams' "Brewing the American Dream" program. Now that dream has become a reality and is now playing out in reality. The following is part of a news release from both Samuel Adams and Brewery Rickoli describing this recent collaborative effort and the beer that came from it.

[PRESS RELEASE] Rick Abitbol, brewmaster of Brewery Rickoli, a craft brewery based in Wheat Ridge, CO, wasn't around when the Master Brewers Association was formed in Chicago in 1887. At that time it was decided master brewers could take on just one apprentice who would serve for two years – after which the apprentice would be issued a “brewer’s book” equivalent to a diploma. Much has changed over 127 years but the idea that a young brewer should be tutored by a master brewer is still around. And no one takes this tutoring more seriously than Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams—a third-generation master brewer himself.

Koch started The Boston Beer Company—Sam Adams Beer—in his kitchen 30 years ago using a family recipe he found in his attic. Much of what he did was self-taught because Sam Adams was a craft brewery when there were virtually no American craft breweries. Jim perfected the craft beers he and his brewers came up with—Boston Lager, Summer Ale, Oktoberfest, Rebel IPA, Seasonals, etc—and today, Sam Adams is the largest independent craft brewer in America (there are over 2,000) with Jim is largely being recognized as “the godfather” of the craft brewing industry. Which is why Jim decided to give back by helping young craft brewers get the two things he never got when he started out: advice and loans.

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream is a program designed to help craft brewers (and food and beverage entrepreneurs) by giving them microloans combined with one-on-one coaching and mentoring. To date Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream has provided more than $3 million in loans to nearly 300 small businesses nationwide, creating or helping retain more than 1,800 local jobs. Many of those people are minority individuals who couldn’t get a business loan otherwise. And over the past six years Jim and his staff have coached more than 4,000 small business owners, trying to help them get on their feet.

Recently Jim added something else to Brewing the American Dream: a Brewing and Business Experienceship — a kind of 21st-century master brewer apprenticeship for young brewers like Rick Abitbol.

Rick’s vision for Brewery Rickoli was to create reduced-gluten or gluten-free beers that were still tasty. But Rick needed help. A loan from Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream enabled Rick to open his doors, finish building his cooler, put in his tap system and buy kegs. Best of all, Jim and Sam Adams were so taken with Rick that they awarded him a Sam Adams Experienceship — where he was invited to come to Boston and learn first-hand from Sam Adams’ master brewers and executive team.

Not only did Rick learn (in his words, his eyes were opened wide), Rick brewed a collaboration beer with Sam Adams: Oats McGoats—a gluten-reduced American stout. Rick brewed this beer with flaked rye, oat malt and golden naked oats. The result is a full-bodied beer, accented by earthy and spicy flavors, and a hint of roasty and coffee notes.


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