Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FCB's Gravity 1020 to Drop Name

Fort Collins Brewery & TavernEvery so often, a business has to step back and evaluate themselves. The Fort Collins Brewery and 1020 Modern Tavern is doing just that and has decided to do a name change to help simplify and help to focus their efforts. The following Press Release issued today describes the name change and the reasons behind it.

[PRESS RELEASE] Fort Collins, Colo. – Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern inside Fort Collins Brewery has announced via Facebook their plans to officially drop the Gravity 1020 name, and coincide as Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern.

Their Facebook post stated, “There comes a time when a business must stop and reflect on who they are and what they want to be. It is through thoughtful reflection that our family has decided it is no longer necessary to keep Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern and Fort Collins Brewery separate entities. Both have thrived for the past three years off the collaboration of beer and food, not the separation. We are excited to continue with this adventure and to announce that we are in the process of dropping the Gravity 1020 name and will go united by Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern. Our values, products, services and staff have not changed, just the realization that together we are stronger than ever!”

Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern, which opened their doors three years ago, has made a name for itself by creating craft beer-infused artisanal dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Tina Peters, FCB’s General Manager said it was important for guests to know that their philosophy won’t change throughout the name transition.

The Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) is a family-owned, handcrafted brewery in Northern Colorado, established in 2003. FCB resides in a new 30,000 square foot facility with a full-size restaurant; Gravity 1020 Modern Tavern and a quaint Happy Hour and Tapas Bar. For more information, visit or call 970-472-1499. Create – Share – Savor.


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