Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amazing Automation Packaging Deal for Microbreweries

Automated Packaging Line for Microbreweries
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You can throw away the microbrewery business playbook!

Specialized Automation is offering a great opportunity to some local microbreweries along the front range. Specialized Automation is selling a brand new automated packaging line for packaging 22oz beer bottles. This machine can be upgraded to handle 12oz beer bottles. Specialized Automation has two machines available for this once in a lifetime deal.

The machine, we call "Big Red", can load, label, rinse, fill and cap bottles. The capper has a cap sorter to orient and place the cap on each bottle. The loader has the ability to put 2.5 cases of beer on to the labelers conveyor belt.

Brew Masters start making more income now by packaging and distributing your products in beer bottles. Our machine has a very small footprint, made for the up and coming Microbreweries. (Approximately 4' x 6')

This deal is only good for microbreweries in Colorado along the Front Range and it is first come first serve. We only require a $7,500 or $15,000 down payment to get started. There are conditions to qualify for this amazing deal. Please email us for full details or to setup an appointment.

About Us
Specialized Automation has built several custom bottling lines over the last 5 years for Colorado, Washington and Oregon areas. The bottling lines were designed for beer and coffee industries. Specialized Automation has been designing automated manufacturing and packaging equipment for over 15 years.

Features and details on link below (Pix available on link below)

Ask how you can get a free 12oz packaging upgrade on this machine. After the upgrade the machine will be able to handle both 12 and 22oz bottles for only $15,000 down.

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