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Why Become a Sponsor on Fermentedly Challenged?

Advertise HereFermentedly Challenged attracts thousands of readers every month and is one of the most active and popular Colorado-based beer blogs. The site has over 2400 individual blog posts and your ad message would be seen on every single page of the site, including site search results and select RSS feeds. Your special events would get priority listing in our calendar and list pages.

A sponsorship on Fermentedly Challenged represents a unique opportunity for those wanting to give their brewery, beer bar, restaurant, travel destination, beer-related product or service the chance of being recognized throughout the craft beerosphere. And what better place for craft beer promotions than right here in the heart of Colorado craft beer country. One of the biggest producers of craft beer in the USA!

Fermentedly Challenged has become synonymous with Colorado craft beer and has grown a loyal readership. Here are some details about the site:

Site Statistics: (as of January 2015)
- Reaching over 32,000 direct pageviews/month, plus another 10,000 RSS views/month. Total 42,000 pageviews per month.
- Over 18,000 unique visits per month to the blog.
- Demographics: 68% Male, 32% Female readers.
- Readers: 42% are 21-34 years old, 34% are 35-44 years old, 24% are 45+.
- 600+ RSS subscribers and 310+ daily email subscribers.
- Social Media Followers: 4000+ Twitter, 3200+ Facebook, 500+ Google+.
- 40% of readers are from Colorado.
- 8% of readers are outside the USA.
- Named Best Booze Blog in's 2012 Denver #WebAwards.
- Our readers love craft beer, eating great food, going to festivals, listening to music, hiking and skiing, traveling around Colorado and other states with craft breweries, and tend to be homebrewers.
- Not only do beer drinkers read the blog, but breweries & their staff also regularly read here.

Fermentedly Challenged has several sponsorship opportunities available – if you’d like to partner with Fermentedly Challenged and reach our audience contact me and together we’ll come up with a campaign package to suit your needs. I can help you reach the craft beer drinkers who love Colorado and great craft beer.

Fermentedly Challenged can even provide sponsors regular updates on your offerings and events in my daily news posts, event calendars and product/service highlights.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sidebar Ads: Sponsor ads are available in the 300W x 250H pixel size format and receive approximately between 30,000 to 35,000 ad impressions per month each. In addition, these 300x250 pixel sponsor ads are also rotated regularly in with our daily RSS feeds and email newsletters. These inclusions in with our email and RSS feeds give your ad an additional boost of several thousand more impressions a month at no extra charge.

If you choose to pay in advance for multiple months at a time, you can save up to 15% over the month to month rate. For sponsors who need a shorter term option, there is now the ability to advertise week by week. Sponsor ad rates are not based upon # of impressions or click-thrus, rather, it is a standard flat rate per month. As our traffic grows, you don't pay for additional impressions.

Ad Rotation: Sidebar 300x250 ads rotate position 2 times a week (Wednesday & Sunday) to give all sponsors equal top spot visibility during the span of a month. The bottom ad is rotated to the top and all other ads move down 1 position.

To get a quote on our existing sponsorship ad rates, please email: and request a Media Kit.

In-post banner advertising - Insertion into the Colorado Beer News daily posts Monday through Friday. Visible to RSS feeds as well. Rates are similar to Sidebar Ads. These banners are sized at 620 pixels wide and 90 pixels high. Rates for inserted banner ads are the same as Sidebar ads. (620x90)

Example 620x90 Ad:
City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO

Full Page Event or Product/Service Promotion - Feature your craft beer related event, product or service on a full page blog post! If you have a lot of information that just won't fit on a typical sponsor ad, consider publishing a full page press release and providing readers with additional images and detailed information. Sponsored posts cost $50 per page and may include embedded images and links. Full page posts never expire. Sponsored posts must be paid in full at the time of posting. These posts do not change once posted so be sure to submit accurate information. A separate fee will be required for future edits of this page.

Giveaway Sponsorship (NEW) - In lieu of being a paid sponsor, beer-related businesses can opt to become one of our Giveaway sponsors and offer up free promotional items to be given away to readers in exchange for visibility on the site. Giveaway sponsors must provide free items such as festival tickets, t-shirts, beer glassware, free beer coupons, brewery swag, growler fills, etc... and provide a method to deliver a prize directly to the winner. This could be a great way to help promote your business or event. For an example of a Giveaway, visit the Giveaways page.

Contacting Fermentedly Challenged:

When contacting Fermentedly Challenged for ad placement, please attach the following information in your correspondence in order to help ensure a fast reply:
- The company name and main contact name of the business to be advertised.
- A brief description of the product/service/event you wish to promote.
- A description of how you'd like the advertisement to run - purpose and duration.

Fermentedly Challenged charges a basic flat rate fee per month for all ads. Animated banner ads and Flash ads are not supported. Ads should be in either PNG or JPG formats and be no larger than 50 kbytes in size. Please request a Media Kit to get the current list of services and rates by emailing Dave at:

Advertising Policy

All advertisements must be relevant to the content of this site and be approved by Fermentedly Challenged. Fermentedly Challenged reserves the right to refuse any advertising considered contrary to our site's focus. Payment for sponsor ads are due at the time of placement.

Fermentedly Challenged does not accept any advertisements related to the following areas: sex, drugs, dieting, ads geared towards minors / children, online dating, hangover cures, rehabilitation services, energy/health drinks, illegal activities or gambling/gaming related businesses.

For more information or to sign-up for a sponsorship program, please e-mail Dave Butler at or use the handy Contact form.

Past Sponsors
- Parry's Pizza - beer bar / restaurant - 4 Denver area locations.
- Mueller & Associates - Loveland, CO - CPA to the brewers!
- High Gravity, LLC - homebrewing supplies - Oklahoma (affiliate program).
- Heabler Metal Products - brewery equipment fabrication & repair - Denver, CO.
- Hops & Pie - pizzeria and craft beer - Denver, CO.
- City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.
- Patrick's Irish Pub - beer bar / pub in Greeley, CO.
- Loveland Oktoberfest - Loveland, CO.
- Critter Cutter Bottle Openers - Texas - stainless steel openers.
- Gnarly Barley Beer Festival - Loveland, CO.
- 38 State Brewing Company - Littleton, CO.
- Pairsine, The Taste of Elegance - Broomfield, CO.
- Colorado Brewers' Festival - June 28-29, 2014 - Ft. Collins, CO.
- The Mayor of Old Town - beer bar / restaurant - Ft. Collins, CO.
- Summerfest - Palette of Brews - Evergreen, CO.
- Front Range Rally - Loveland, CO - benefit beer & food truck fest.
- Beneathan Design - metro Denver - graphic design services.
- Colorado Homebrew Supply - Castle Rock, CO - online homebrew supplies.
- High Hops Brewery - Windsor, CO.
- Highlands Ranch Beer Festival - Highlands Ranch, CO.
- Denver International Beer Competition - Denver, CO.
- Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival - Manitou Springs, CO.
- Brew Beer & Drink It - homebrew training videos.
- Brew Your Own Magazine - homebrewing tips.
- I'm On Beercation - T-shirts and more.
- Foothills Commercial Builders - brewery building contractor - Denver, CO.
- Cruzin Cooler of Colorado - Riding coolers - Windsor, CO.
- 3BAD On The Hill Beer Tasting - event - Thornton, CO
- Denver Epic Beer Festival - Denver, CO
- Knockin' Rocks Brooms & Brewfest - event - Ft. Collins, CO
- Feast of St. Arnold - Colorado Springs, CO - beer & food fest.

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